Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Dec 19, 2014
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Ali Lohan also known as Aliana Lohan is quite a young actress, TV personality and singer but rumours have her having gone under the knife to improve her looks even at this young age have already surfaced.

In case you didn’t know about Ali Lohan note that she was born on 22nd December 1993 and as her surname might already suggest she is the younger sister of model and actress Lindsey Lohan.

Most people seem to believe that like her sister Lindsay who has been in the news often for all the wrong reasons like poor behaviour etc.


Ali Lohan too might end up following in her sisters footsteps and create headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Latest rumours surrounding Ali Lohan suggest that she has undergone plastic surgery procedures to look better. But is it really true that she decided to take such a big step and that too at such a young age?


Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Procedure speculations

Fans and other people who believe that Ali Lohan has actually been under the knife compare her older images to the ones taken recently and point out quite a lot of changes. Some of the changes that these people mention are her loss of such a huge amount of weight in such a short period of time.

However what most of these people tend to forget about is the fact the Ali Lohan is still quite a young girl. Most have the changes that you may notice like loss of baby fat as well as changes in the shape of the body and face can also be attributed to growing up.


Though there is a chance that it may have been achieved by performing a plastic surgery it is very unlikely because Ali Lohan is still quite young and the changes mentioned are part of the natural process of growing up.

Every person related to Ali Lohan to who this question has been asked so far has refused that she has gone under the knife.

Even Lindsay Lohan flatly refused when the question of her sister going under the knife was raised by E! A source related to the family did go on to say that she has just lost a lot of weight due to which she appears different and has had no cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks.


Alexis Borges who is actually the director at Next Model Management and has worked closely with Ali Lohan also went to refuse that Ali Lohan has had cosmetic procedures.

Though so many people have come out in the open and quashed rumours about Ali Lohan going under the knife, the people who believe that she actually did do not seem to go away quickly and speculations like in the case of Halle Berry, Jamie Lynn Spears or the Miley Cyrus haven’t gone away yet, it seems like Ali Lohan will also have to face them for quite some time to come and till the time there is no official confirmation made it is not possible to be sure of anything.


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