Alicia Keys Nose Job Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures

By | Jan 22, 2017
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Alicia Keys Nose Job Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Today’s celebrity is world famous American musician, Alicia Keys.
Do you guys know her? If no, don’t worry. I will tell you everything thing about. I am sure you must have heard her songs, you just don’t recognize her from her name. So, Alicia Augello-Cook also known as Alicia Keys is an American singing sensation. She is also a world famous pianist, actress, and songwriter. This multitalented woman was born in Manhattan, New York in the year 1981.

Right now she is in her early thirties and is more popular than most of her peers. Alicia started her career at a young age of 15 in the year 1996. She released her debut album in the year 2001 which was a big hit selling over 12 million copies all around the world. Since then there has been no stopping her. She has won some significant awards like Grammy for her mind blowing song. The young and talented Alicia is still in the early phases of her career and is continuing to grow. In the years to come, she will be more famous than any singer out there.

Alicia Keys Nose Job Before And After

Alicia Keys Nose Job Before And After

Now coming back to the topic. What is the secret of this world famous celeb? What can she be hiding behind that cunning smile? Actually, she is not hiding anything. She is showing everything, its just you are unable to recognize. I mean the big secret of Alicia is her plastic surgeries.Alicia was never a natural beauty. Her talent is what made her so popular; but along the road she realized, that talent is not enough in the film industry. So to stand out in the crowd she finally decided to undergo artificial beauty treatments. After the surgeries, Alicia has turned out to be a gorgeous look singer with an amazing voice. Producers are growing crazy for her and her fan following has seen 70% growth.So what did Alicia do, that made her so likable? Continue to read and find out-


Although she doesn’t agree to this fact, but the results of a facelift are clearly visible. All you need to do is, check out the before and after picture of Alicia to see the difference. Alicia’s skin is smooth, soft and toned. Her skin shows no signs of aging, which is unnatural for women of her age. Plus the fresh and young skin of her face can only be the result of a well-conducted facelift treatment.


The process is also known as rhinoplasty. The signs of Rhinoplasty are very easily visible. Earlier she had around and bulbous nose, but in the recent picture we can easily point out her new sharp, pointy and lean nose. The new and altered nose is really enhancing her looks.



Well, I am not sure about this one, but some experts say that Alicia has used lip filler injections. Her lips look bigger and fuller than before. The big, red, round and juicy lips really compliment her face.