Amanda Bynes before and after plastic surgery pictures

By | Sep 11, 2015
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Amanda Bynes has been under the limelight since she was a little girl of seven, this little star, as done many big and small rolls and therefore gained popularity and fame at a very young age.

Just like other Hollywood celebrities, Amanda too wanted to look flawless so she went through a couple of plastic surgeries which included nose job as claimed by her.


Amanda is really happy after getting rid of the so-called “fat nose” of her and is surprised how beautiful and amazing she looks than before.

In one of her tweets she showed her discomfort and anger towards those magazines and blogs, which were using her old pictures. Amanda claimed that it was her past and she doesn’t look like that anymore therefore the social hubs should not use her old pictures will tagging her in any of their posts and articles related to her.



When we asked her fans about her new look they said, she always looked perfect to them, her old nose made her look cuter and they really don’t see any bigger change in her personality or confidence.

Since the surgery, Amanda has been tweeting close-ups of her sniffer around the clock so clearly she’s happy with the results, but we can’t help but ask, Was her old nose really that bad? It seems like a perfectly good nose and as for the webbing, it appears to be unnoticeable in photographs.


While comparing her before and after pictures we even came across a sudden change in the size if her breasts, as they look a lot bigger than before but Amanda dint replied to this rumour. She simply ignored it.

Even in her selfies and topples pictures we can clearly see her bragging about her perfect breasts.But as she hasn’t said whether she had a boob job or not, we certainly cant be sure of anything.Those could be a miracle done by pushup bras or a whole different thing about which Amanda is still not ready to speak about.


No matter whether she is too a plastic doll like others or a natural beauty, we are no one to accuse her of anything.In the end she is happy with her new nose.

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