Andie Macdowell Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

By | Mar 3, 2016
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andie before plastic surgery

Rosalie Anderson “ANDIE MACDOWELL” born on 21 April 1958 to a music teacher and a lumber executive. Her journey from being a model to a critically acclaimed actress is well known and widely appreciated.She has modelled for all top brands whether its an exotic shoot for vague magazine or an ad campaign for Armani . She got her first movie break because of her constant involvment into the national television commercials. Her debut didnt present her with a lot of praise but after ‘sex, lies and videotape’ there was nothing to regret on , as she won “Independent spirit award” , for her contribution. Her acting potential has been inspired from legends like Harlod guskin.

She rose to stardom with box office hits like Groundhog Day & Flower wedding a funeral. Macdowell faced two unsuccessful weddings with Ranchar and Paul Qualley. She even faced critism for being outspoken , her tweeter posts landed her into nagging troubles .She has always recieved favourable reviews for her contribution but media tried pulling her down by announcing her false demotion from projects but she kept her head high and let her work do the talking.

andie plastic surgery

At the age of 55 , she is still a woman that can make men drool over her appearance , as it is just picture perfect whether its her wrinkle free face or her breast , her features complement her well even at this fading age . She is next to perfect but the question is ” whether this is her own hardwork or an expert doctor’s knife that is working in her favour ?” She is suspected to rely on boob job, face lift, eye lid surgery , botox injection , facial fillers to look flawless.

She is in the body enhancement game since 1980’s , the reason that her breast seems to be bigger and better is claimed to be entirely unnatural .The botox and the filler injection has gifted her a wrinkle free and tighter forehead. Moreover , because of the fat injections her cheeks look plump and a change on her upper lip urges people to relate her smile with that of Julia robots .

Andie nose job

She has shown the ways to fight ageing gracefully .In today’s world age is just a number and aging is not a problem because the latest technology spoon feeds the solution to it .Thus signs of ageing fails to haunt a lady in her 40’s. But after availing these costemic helps one may be left drained financially or emotionally.

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