Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jan 30, 2016
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Angelababy, also known as Angela Yeung Wing is a famous Model from Hong Kong, china. Born on February 28, 1989, she is a very young and talented personality. She started her career at the age of 14 and came forward as a young and vibrant model. She is a beautiful person both from inside as well as out side. Her fans love her cuteness and politeness. Angela is very famous in china as well as in other countries. She is proud of her killer looks and does everything possible to enhance her beauty. Many of her fans claim that Angela looks different in her before and after pictures AND why wont she the viral rumors tell us that she has gone under the knife for a number of times. there are many asian celebrities who have taken surgical treatments to enhance or reduce certain parts of their body. After from altering their body, celebrities also under go treatments to reduce the signs of ageing. their urge to attain the fountain of youth takes them to the doors of big plastic surgeons.


everyone was curious to know whether she had gone under the surgeon’s knife or not. Just like others, we were too curious, so we decided to ask our experts about their view on Angela’s case. The experts compared here before and after pictures. They were very clear that Angela has used artificial methods to enhance her beauty. Unlike what our surgeons said, Angela completely denied to accept the wide spread rumors. She claimed that she had never gone under the knife and she is nothing but a natural beauty.


According to our experts report, clear changes can be seen in her pictures. From her nose to jaw everything has been altered into perfection. Her surgeon has really done a great job. Angela looks far better than what she was. Even her eyes look a lot beautiful now, which clearly directs us toward double eyelid surgery. Her cheeks and lips look plumper than before whereas her nose looks slender and sharp. Even her skin looks more shiny and tight, which only happens after Injecting Botox.


When asked in an interview, whether the rumors regarding her plastic surgery was true or not, Angela cried and dramatically dispelled them. She was exhausted from hearing the same thing again and again but still she didn’t admit the truth.

No matter how much she denies, some lies cannot be hided. It is clear that she has gone under the knife. The changes, which we are able to see in her before and after pictures, are a clear sign of her going under the surgeon’s knife. In the end we just hope that Angela share with us the real deal, with courage and dignity.




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