Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jan 28, 2016
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Born in November 29, 1976 Anna has always been people’s favourite Anna was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Her parents Jack and karen moved toEdmonds, Washington when she was six. Unlike other celebrities who dreamed of becoming superstars from childhood, Anna never considered acting as a career and acted in small plays just for making some extra money. Anna was never too passionate about acting but constant encouragement from parents introduced her to the world of acting and entertainment.Anna gave her first audition at the age of nine for Arthur Miller’s play Danger: Memory! and that was the time when she truly recognised her talent.

Her remarkable acting and beauty has made her very famous, not only in US but also in other countries. Her role in Scary movie was the big break of her career. Her Humor and timing are really amazing. Anna is a natural beauty, her smooth skin and beautiful eyes makes every one go wow.


But Anna wasn’t happy with what she had, she wanted more from life and just like other celebrities she too went under the knife. Fortunately her surgeon did great job. Anna doesn’t look at all scary or stupid but looks more beautiful and refined.Anna’s plastic surgery rumours stayed in the wind for a long time, her fans as well as co-workers were found posting her before and after surgery pics and memes on their social account walls.

When we compared her before and after pictures, we were clearly able to see the changes that have come as a result of her plastic surgery. Anna’s breasts looks a lot bigger than before, which clearly shows that she had a boob job apart from that she even had Botox injection. Now no matter how old she grows, signs of ageing like wrinkles and loose skin will never appear on her face. Due to plastic surgery, Anna looked as young as she used to look during her theatre years, Anna played many significant tole in popular plays and stories like To kill A Mocking Bird,Heidi, Our Town etc.


Many of her fans claimed that Anna looks different to them. They were amazed to see how slender her nose looks now, even her skin looks tight. Anna’s lips look a lot plump then before, which clearly directs towards lip augmentation. Anna’s innocent teenage girl looked was totally changed by her surgeon into a hot Bimbo’s one. Anna’s plastic surgery made her a beauty queen, who was impossible to forget.


Our team of surgeons studied Anna’s case, they were amazed too see how many changes have occurred on her face. From eyebrows to chin, every part of her face has been altered. Anna is a beautiful lady, from heart as well as soul. We love her for her incredible acting and nature. No matter how she looks now, we will always love her for her talent. Anna has given us some great moments of joy through her acting and no matter how changed she may look from the outside, she still remains a remarkable artist from inside.

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