Anushka Sharma Diet Plan And Workout Routine

By | Mar 15, 2016
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Anushka Sharma won many hearts with her chirpy characters in bollywood hits. She captivated the audiences with her first movie itself. We all love this leggy lady and many would love to have a bikini body like hers. She often showsoff her sexy body in her movies, and why shouldn’t she? Flaunt it if you got it!
She is in a great place, career wise. This tall lass has the best of directors, producers and actors, who all want to work with her.

Anushka sharma weighlt loss

Even though the actress gets criticised over having a body silhouette that is too slim,she has vehemently denied their claims of her having an eating disorder. She says she has been blessed with a naturally slim figure. Well, what can you do, haters gonna hate. Anushka is a firm believer that eating the right and healthy food is a vital part of a wellness routine. She strongly refutes rumours of following baseless diets, instead, she considers herself to be a self-motivated foodie.

She absolutely avoids junk foodand prefers the healthy alternatives like fresh fruits.Here’s a glimpse into what Anushka Sharma’s average day includes.

anushka sharma diet plan

  • Breakfast- In the mornings, she likes egg whites along with a glass of fresh fruit juice.
  • Midday snack- She loves a cheese toast with lime or coconut water. Doesn’t that sound delicious?
  • Lunch- Anushka always carries her own homemade lunch, which consists of veggies, dal, two chapattis and a salad.
  • Evening snack- She munches on protein bars or seasonal fruits. And, to finish off her day on a healthy note, she gulps down a warm glass of milk before going off to bed.

The actress is lucky not to have a sweet tooth and thus can easily avoid the sinfully delicious chocolates! In beverages, she loves tender coconut water, but avoids coffee because it doesn’t suit her. She isn’t crazy for meat, unlike most non vegetarians. She is very particular about what she eats, and is a selective non vegetarian.

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anushka sharma exercise routine

Apart from the food, she also pays attention to physical activity, since her job demandsher to change her physique according to her role. She isn’t a fan of gymming unlike most of the Bollywood divas. She prefers yoga instead.She believes that yoga helps her maintain her lean stature and increases her flexibility.She feels that yoga rejuvenates her mind after a hard day of work.But life isn’t about what you like.

anushka sharma workout schedule

Even after despising the gym, she often has to pay the place a visit due to her work demands. Unless it’s for a specific role, she avoids the gym. Most of the time while she’s away at shoots, she likes going for a jog. A workout that Ms. Sharma likes is dancing! She dances everyday for 30 minutes every day, thus strengthening her cardiovascular muscles. Sobasically, Anushka Sharma has a naturally slim frame which she maintains by avoiding junk and a bit of healthy dancing! Many People think that her diet is quiet similar to to Miley cyrus weight loss plan 

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