Arnold Schwarzenegger Before and After Plastic surgery Photos

By | Jun 10, 2015
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Arnold started off as a brash bodybuilder in a small village in Austria. He migrated to the U.S. at the age of 21 to become the superstar that he now is.

The shift from rags to riches wasn’t overnight. He first came into the public eye as the poster boy for bodybuilding as attempts were being made to revive the sport.


He then went on to win 5 Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia titles and become a major sport icon. His fame got him a role in the movie Hercules in New York (1977).

Before this Arnold had already won a Golden Globe for Best Acting Debut in a Motion Picture for his role in Stay Hungry.

In 1882, he finally managed to get the role that suited his image giving him an opportunity to display both his body and his talent. In the movie Conan: the Barbarian. In 1984 Arnold grabbed the milestone project of his career The Terminator.


Since then there has been no looking back for him. He appeared in films like The Predator (1987), Total Recall (1990), The Expendables series, Collateral Damage (2002), End of Days (1999), etc. today the actor has ventured into many fields like film production, direction, business, politics, etc.

It would be surprising to know that the man who already had the perfectly chiseled body also decided to go under the knife to enhance his looks further.

The surgeries Arnold is suspected to have gone through include chin and cheek implants, facelift, neck lift, Botox and a liposuction.


If one compares the early pictures of Arnold with what he looks like today one will note a clear difference in his jaw line. Earlier his jaw line was not a very well defined and perfectly shaped one as it is now. His jaw lone is now slimmer and sleeker.

Even his chin is not as prominent as it used to be suggesting a chin implant. It is believed that he also had cheek implants to enhance the overall facial harmony further.

His face doesn’t show many wrinkles or skin sagging that should be normal for any man in his 60s. Even though a Botox is suspected, it is clear that Arnold didn’t have it in excess. Some very fine and moderate lines can be spotted on a closer inspection of his pictures.

Most of the bulk around Arnold’s neck and face has also surprisingly dissipated with age. Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Weldon explains that this could also be a natural outcome of slimming down and not necessarily a surgery.


It is obvious that at this age, it would be tough for Arnold to carry out the same exercise routine as before. This should have reflected negatively on Arnold’s body. Instead Arnold’s physique has remained the same and the only changes noted have been for the better. Therefore, this slimming down could have been aided through a liposuction.

However, Arnold has time and again claimed that he has never had any surgery and his face is the ‘real thing’. A possible reason for his strong claims might be the fact that he never overdid any of the surgeries which would lead to drastic changes on his face or body.

Expert plastic surgeons have also taken contrary stands on Arnold’s surgeries. Some believe that Arnold did go under the knife more than once over the last decade; others however argue that Arnold has being ageing pretty naturally.

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