Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jun 28, 2016
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Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Nicolle Simpson was born on October 3, 1984 in Waco, Texas. At the age of 14 she was a professional dancer and her first screen review was in the film The Hot Chick in 2002 with Rob Schneider. She has been a part of several television shows including The New Class, The Rosie O’Donnell and many others. She has been a part of several lively professions like writing and music recording.

Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery

She has recently been married to Even Ross in 2014 and has had a kid with ex husband Pete Wentz. She has confessed to the fact that like every other girl she loves shopping and enjoys vintage shopping and enjoying with friends. Her two important works includes “Autobiography” and “I am me.”

Ashlee and her rumored surgeries

Ashlee is believed to have undergone several plastic surgeries and she has agreed to her new makeover. Her surgery has bought a remarkable change in her looks and she is believed to be more confident and smart than ever before. She has agreed to her changes and has set a trademark with her astonishing looks. So we have a conclusive list of the possible changes she has undergone.

Chin surgery:

After comparing her before and after photos, we get to know that her chin has shortened a bit and has got a much softer look. Along with her chin the area around the chin is supposed to be smoother. Though she has never confirmed her chin surgery but we can easily make out by comparing old pictures.

ashlee simpson before and after

Nose job:

Ashlee initially had a bumpy and swollen nose which after her surgery became much slimmer and smaller. She herself and her family in an interview quoted that Ashlee had some breathing trouble and that is the sole reason why she opted for the nose job.

Breast implants:

Ashlee has initially had small breast size and that it is speculated that she has had her boob job done after which the size of her breasts increased and she has managed to get the surgery in a way that her breasts look natural and perfectly complement her body figure. Her breast implant is the most sought after and talked about news due to the considerable change that everyone could detect.

Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery

Lip fillers:

According to a few sources Ashlee is supposed to be getting regular lip fillers which makes her lips look bigger than before. The injection has probably changed her lip size and the shape as well which looks larger and does not totally fit in the beautiful face of Ashlee. Her sister believes they make her look like a housewife, but Ashlee totally loves what she has.

ashlee simpson nose job

So the notably important changes in Ashlee’s body have completely changed her looks and she now looks more beautiful. The media has always quoted that Ashlee was at one time addicted to changing her body and her features and that is the sole reason behind her makeover. Nevertheless, she has evolved in a way that has helped her to become more beautiful and desirable and we love the way you are Ashlee.