Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Sep 22, 2016
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Audrina Cathleen Patridge is an American television personality,television presenter, actress and model. She came under the spotlight in 2006 when she starred in The Hills TV series. She was paid a bounty for that very series. She in a high demand In Hollywood after going under the knife in order to enhance her beauty. She is only 29yrs old and is simply beautiful, but just being beautiful is not enough for Hollywood actresses. That’s where plastic surgery comes into play.

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The truth on whether she has gone through a surgery depends on who one asks. Since , Audrina herself has denied any claims that she has had rhinoplasty(nose job). And honestly , since she is still young one can’t simply assume she got breast implants. Maybe puberty is yet to hit her! Well, who are we kidding anyway.

Breast augmentation

One definitely doesn’t require keen eyes to realise that she has undergone a breast implant. Though she proposed she was suffering from a chest problem that one of her bones in her chest was higher and thus results in her chest’s proportionality. Later , she agreed to have gone through a :”boob job”.She had to admit to it. The results were way too revealing to fool anyone.Her breasts were before surgery were insignificantly small on her chest and a larger size now.Like any other Hollywood actress , her aim to get big breasts was to appear sexy and vibrant.

Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures


Her before and after pictures reveal a signifant change in the shape of her nose. Audrina seems to have undergone a nose job to get the kind of nose that she desired. What makes us so confident in saying so are two noticeable features being- her nose appears to be slimmer than before; also the bridge of her nose appears to be narrower than before. These are some of the perks of capturing before and after pictures !

Lip injections

Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery

Her lips appear to be perky! One of the main reasons for this speculation are the change in her lips.Thin as petals before , her lips are an epitome of seduction in today’s scenario. However, lip injections are temporary procedures. In order to maintain her alluring pouts she might have to pay a visit to the plastic surgeon on a regular basis.

 Filler treatment

Although she is young , Audrina decided to undergo filler treatment as well . This procedure prevents you from getting wrinkles as you grow old. It seems someone’s going to have a face as clear as crystal. Many argue that her face doesn’t require this treatment. Anyhow, this treatment has left her with a gorgeous face and skin anyways.The question that arises here is ….Is beauty also an art piece that needs to be crafted ?