Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Feb 8, 2016
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Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

In the world of music, Axl Rose has his own personal space. This fabulous voice was the soul of the band Guns and Roses. Axl and his band gained a lot of fame in the early years of their career and became immortal in the hearts of millions of fans.

Born on February 6, 1962, Axl was named as William Bruce Rose J. by his parents Sharon and William. Axl grew up in the city of Lafayette, Indiana. Has a child Axl had a very disturbing childhood, he was raised by his step father Stephen L. Bailey as his biological father was murdered in Marion, Illinois, in 1984 by a criminal, who was convicted even though the body was never recovered.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

In his 20’s Axl shifted to LA,where he persuaded his career as a singer. In March 1985, Axl and his former band mate Tracii Guns formed Guns N’ Roses (Guns derived from the last name of Tracii whereas Roses was derived from the last name of Axl). The starting years were not very pleasant for the bands but the release of ‘Oh Sweet Child Of Mine; brought them under the limelight. Fans were crazy about their band and every thing was picture perfect for Guns And Roses.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

As Axl Became popular, his need to look perfect also grew. Many of Axl’s fans claim that their music star looks a lot different than what he used to. Rumors about Axl going under the surgeon’s knife grew and spread like a wild fire.

When we compared the before and after pictures of Axl, we could clearly see how different he looks now. Many celebs claim that he went under the knife of the famous surgeon who is held responsible for Michael Jackson’s devastating plastic surgery.When media asked Axl about his tour to the surgeon’s clinic, he refused to speak anything on the topic.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery picture

We took Axl’s case to our team of surgeons and they made a report on the number and kinds of surgeries Axl may have experienced. According to them Axl Had a Face lift as well as cheek implant and maybe that is the reason for is skin looking so tightened. As per the report, Axl also had a number of facial injections (including Botox and other fillers). There are no marks of ageing like wrinkles, lose skin etc. on Axl’s face. Even his nose looks a lot slender than before.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

During all these years, Axl has also gained a lot of weight, which makes him look like total new person. Even after asking Axl for so many times, her refused to speak anything regarding his plastic surgeries. Whether or not Axl went under the surgeon’s knife remains a mystery and we cannot provide surety with any of the above statements unless Axl validate them himself.

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