Barbara Hershey’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Feb 27, 2015
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Barbara Hershey is a very popular actress and has many fans in various parts of the world but in case you do not know about her note that Barbara Hershey was born on 5th February in the year 1948 in Hollywood, California.

She is the daughter of Arnold Norman who was a horse racing columnist and Melrose Herzstein. As a kid Barbara Hershey was thin and was also quite shy but as she grew up she become one of the best actresses in Hollywood.



She was so good that the Chicago Tribune named her as one of the finest ever. It was for her role in the mini-series known as a small town that she received an Emmy and a Golden Globe award. She also received an Academy award nomination for her role in the Portrait of a Lady.

She also won the best actress award at the Cannes film festival for her role in the movie shy. Apart from movies she has also appeared in a lot of TV shows and TV movies.



Like most of the top Hollywood actresses rumours of Barbara Hershey undergoing plastic surgery procedures are also well-known and the question everybody has been asking is whether Barbara Hershey has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumour related to it just pure speculation.

Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery

Most of the blogs and websites dedicated towards celebrity plastic surgery gossips have come up with loads of before and after images of Barbara Hershey to prove that she has indeed undergone quite a few plastic surgery procedures.

The plastic surgery procedures Barbara Hershey is speculated to have undergone are lip implants, Botox injections and numerous other minor touch ups.


It was after the movie beaches that speculation of her undergoing lip implants came up because her lips appeared enlarged in the movie. Botox injections have also been speculated because she hardly seems to have aged at all.

Even today her face appears to be wrinkle free and there is no sagging of the skin which can only happen with Botox injections.

Apart from these procedures rumours suggest that she has also undergone numerous minor procedures. Her lip implants generated a lot of negative views and many of the other Hollywood stars openly criticised it. Many people also claim that due to the Botox her skin appears unnatural.


An interesting thing about Barbara Hershey is that she has been open about few of her plastic surgery procedures and unlike some of the other Hollywood celebrities does not mind speaking about them publicly.

In an interview Barbara Hershey accepted that she received collagen injections for her role in Beaches but also said that the injections were for a temporary change and by no means were permanent. Her lips soon did return to normal.

So far Barbara Hershey has been open about her procedures, now whether she undergoes more procedures in the future or not and whether she is open about them is something only the future will tell.

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