Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

By | Jan 5, 2016
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Barry Manilow also known as Barry Alan Pincus was born in 1943 June 17 in Brooklyn, New York. He is the son of Edna Manilow and Harold Pincus. Manilow attendedEastern District High School and graduated from there in 1961. He later enrolled himself in the New york School Of Music. His passion for music was so strong that he became a big name only after a few years of passing form the music school. Manilow worked very hard to meet his ends, he wrote jingles for many small brands as well as big brands.

Now He is a famous songwriter, producer and singer. He is the writer of many famous commercial’s jingles, which include McDonalds, Dr. Pepper, Band-Aids etc. Famous for his many talents, Barry is one of the most famous celebrities in the plastic surgery category.


He is the holder of many platinum albums and awards including Grammy, Emmy Awards, a special Tony Award, and was inducted into the songwriters Hall of Fame.But unfortunately he is remembered under the worst plastic surgeries category. His face is now compared to a chipmunk, his weird blotted cheeks look very artificial. The social media is flooding with Manilow’s memes and pictures and he has become the joke of the century. Nobody is able to understand why Manilow chose to spoil is face so badly, to his fans he was a fine gentleman before going under the knife. People think he looks scary now because of the plastic surgery, hsi natural essence is gone and some weird looking chipmunk has taken its place.


When we compared the before and after pictures of Barry we were easily able to point out big changes like, his face looks a lot tighter than before and there are no visible symptoms of ageing. The face clearly shows the result of Botox injection and face-lift. In the presented pictures you will be able to see how his cheeks look unnaturally puffy.


A news channel reported that they saw Barry wearing a white wig and sunglasses, coming out of a surgeon’s clinic in Beverly Hills. Just like Barry there are many other celebrities like Marie Osmond and Bradley Cooper who are trying to stop ageing coming to them through plastic surgeries.


If they find happiness in such ways we should support them and keep loving them for the talent they hold. Manilow still has his magic on his fans. His jingles and songs are still being played on the small screen. His may have been turned into a total crap but his talent is still safe and pure. Manilow too thinks that going under the knife was his biggest mistake. His temptation towards plastic surgery came out to be fatal. According to the recent rumours, Manilow may again go under the knife to cure the mistakes of his old surgeon but we have not heard anything solid regarding this rumour from Barry but we do hope that he consider this idea at-least once.

Barry Manilow Went Under The Knife!

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