Bhumi Pednekar Diet Plan And Workout Routine For her Transformation from Fat To Fit

By | Apr 9, 2016
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Bhumi Pednekar  Diet Plan for weight loss

Bhumi Pednekar is said to be30 years old and recently made her Bollywood debut under the big banner of YRF’s and received a lot of love and fan following for”Dum Laga Ke Haisha” , but by far have not garnered androsements because she lies in the category of the novices in B Town. A mumbaiite, being born and brought up in Mumbai , her family background is non filmy but always cherished the dream of being committed to film industry but practically accepted the fact that her physique can’t help her in getting a lead role obviously .

Bhumi Pednekar Diet Plan And Workout Routine For her Transformation from Fat To FitThough she had dreams of working in Bollywood films but always knew that she cannot make it as a main lead in any movie. Thus she started working As an office person at YRF’s and did all sorts of odd job that one can do there like being an assistant of the casting director Abhimanyu Ray who is known for casting fresh faces under YRF banner.

Bhumi Pednekar Diet Plan And Workout Routine

She is thus compared with Parineeti chopra who was also a marketing person at the office and then got her big break but while making comparisons people   forget that she was the cousin of an established actress , thus here Bhumi lacks behind in having any God father or a mentor in B Town .

Thus she made it large by grabbing a lead along with another hotshot actor ” Ayushman khurana” , she was given the role because they found her to be a good actress but also because of her health and built , since the script of the movie demanded an overweight girl as the movie dealt with the theme of ” obesity being seen as a curse in indian society” and more when it comes with a bride .

Bhumi Pednekar Diet Plan

And to fit well , she had to put on a lot of flab too and started gorging on high calorie Pizzas for breakfast and made sure that she   regularly ate dal makhni, butter chicken, mughali dishes & mithai , so that she looks picture perfect when she stars as ” SANDHYA” , the obese bride in her debut and put on some 90 Kgs to her already   72 kiloed body . Moreover her height is also quite short that makes her even more plum.

Since the movie was role specific so after the shooting , she had to loose those gained kilos , to show people her versatile side by grabbing other roles which she can   miss because of her weight and broadened health.And guess what , she managed to ditch those extra kilos within 4 months successfully and stunned everyone while attending the   promotion events and award shows , where she was many a time facilitated as the ” best fresh face”.

Bhumi Pednekar Diet Plan And Workout

Quite obviously, putting on weight is very easy for a foodie like her (although she was into sports but always looked overweight because of her loyal love for food) but to loose those stubborn pounds becomes 100 times difficult than same . Her diet had to be completely altered from cutting high calorie food to adding punishing tasteless food .It’s easy to work on a diet since the beginning but this girl had to switch drastically from a high calorie diet ( wherein she consumed 3000 calories a day ).

Her diet is quite safe in terms of its composition as she adheres to the   natural way of losing the weight, without any restrictions like starving.

And always listen to her tongue but makes sure that she opts for a

fat-free version of same rather than high calorie version.

SNEAK INTO Bhumi Pednekar DIET:

  • Breakfast:Juice , eggs and porridge.
  • Lunch: Usually ,Sabzi Roti,Chicken Chawal But sometimes dal chawal (whenever she wants vegetarian).
  • Dinner: Lots of greens (vegetables) and she even tries out the smoothie made up of   veggies.


And what she loves is her detox drinks one especially made up of cucumber, lemon and mint and transparent   water and other made up of aloe Vera , green tea and KALE JUICE , as the name suggests they actually help in de toxication. Bhumi also propogates the fact that white food is not at all good and one should opt for   the brown variants to loose weight sincerely and routinely prefers Olive oil for fried food craving. This diet was purely planned by herself and her mother lent a hand at it . Take  A look At