Bipasha Basu Diet Plan And Workout Routine

By | Apr 23, 2016
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bipasha basu weight loss diet plan

Bipasha Basu, born on 7 January 1979 is a ravishingly beautiful Indian model and actress who is pretty successful in Bollywood. Basu is often cited in the popular media as the Bollywood’s “sex symbol”. At one point in time, she had become one of Bollywood’s highest-paid actresses and one of the most popular celebrities in India.The curvy beauty has had a very successful modeling career after which she made her debut in bollywood with a supporting role in the suspense thriller, Ajnabee (2001), which won her the Filmfare Award for the Best Female Debut. The actress has been widely accepted in the role of a seductress in the erotic thrillers like Jism. The sexy diva has been given the title of “Bollywood’s Scream Queen” because of her being a part of many horror movies.

Bipasha Basu Diet Plan And Workout Routine

In 2005, when Bipasha was shooting for the movie ‘No Entry’, she realised that she had gained a few unwanted pounds and that she needed to shed the extra weight. She shared in an interview that she started running without any trainer and went on crazy crash diets for a while, to get back to her sexy figure. She had no knowledge of health at fitness at that time. Soon, she started experiencing extreme pain in her knees. After a few visits to the doctor, she found out that she was suffering from an extreme condition – Osteoarthritis. Her knees had become like that of a 65-year-old person. She was advised bed rest.

Bipasha Basu Diet Plan And Workout Routine

But Bipasha wasn’t someone who’d give up so easily. She adopted weight training. She had to strengthen her thigh and butt muscles to maintain the correct balance so as to offset the weak knees. And in her efforts to do so, she ended up becoming Bollywood’s fitness icon. Today she is one of the most desirable ambassador for a variety of sports brands. Her body itself speaks for the amount of work she has put in to look so fabulous.She leads a very disciplined life and follows an extremely strict diet and workout regimen to stay healthy and fit.

Bipasha Basu Diet Plan

bipasha basu fitness diet chart

Here’s an overview of what her diet plan looks like.She starts her day starts with a glass of lukewarm water soon after waking up. She follows it up by a cup of tea and a couple of overnight soaked almonds.Her breakfast is need to be full enough to keep her going until lunch. so she takes 6 egg whites, some fresh fruits and toast with porridge along with a glass of skimmed milk.For lunch she likes grilled chicken and two soya chapattis with a bowl of dal and veggies, with a side of salad.

Bipasha Workout Routine

Her evening snack us usually a cup of tea with some digestive biscuits.To end the day on a protein rich note, she has grilled or steamed fish, green salad, dal and 2 chapattis with veggies cooked in olive oil. And she ends it all with a small desert. As you can see, her fiet isn’t one where you’ll have to starve yourself to perfection. Istead it consists of wholesome foods that willkeepyou feeling healthy and energetic. But of course you need to exercise to get your body in shape. Dieting alone cannot get you the perfect body that you crave. As per Bipasha, Fitness is about 50% Diet and 50% Exercise. Bips works out everyday of the week. She has a strict regime set for 6 days and she goes for a brisk walk or some light exercises on the seventh day.

Bips avoids all kinds of junk food and rice. And drinks a lot of water to keep herself hydrated. Whenever she craves sugar, she eats an apple. Bipasha’s advice to people wanting to lose weight is that firstly, you need to love yourself and lose weight fir your own self ad not because someone called you fat. Fitness is the best gift you can give yourself.

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