Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

By | May 15, 2017
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Bree Walker

A renowned TV anchor and radio specialist, Patricia Lynn Nelson was born on 26 February 1953 in Oakland, California, US. She was the first on-air TV anchor with a genetic disorder because of which she lacked fingers in her hands and toes. Her life has been quite exploring and she has always been revealing in nature.

Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Bree Walker plastic surgery

The discussion about getting a plastic surgery done is for celebs who get these surgeries done at a minimal level, but for celebs like Bree Walker who consider such procedures to be the last option, these procedures turn to a mishap. The story of Bree Walker getting a plastic surgery done has many untangled threads and it is definitely not a speculation that she has had one but many. She looks all unnatural and like a mannequin with such vast changes being brought to her face. Such plastic surgeries should not be enhanced in any way because after all, you are killing your own natural skin and what is the whole point of being ashamed of your own skin and age.

Lip surgery

Bree Walker Before and After Pictures

the whole reason behind such a transformation in Bree’s case is just because of an overdose of Lip fillers. On comparing her before and after pictures you will see that there’s a complete change in her look and that is because of the change in her lips. Her lips are all swollen and bulbous and honestly, if you observe her face, you get to observe her lips first because of the huge size of her lips. They are widened, swollen and exaggerated in a very unusual way which has successfully taken away the shine off her face.


well, this is another unusual procedure she has had. Her skinny skin is not because of any weight loss or health issues, but because of the neck lift. Women of her age get proper saggy skin and wrinkles in the neck, but Bree has none. Rather she seems to have it all stretched and smooth which according to her still defines her natural beauty and young character.


again, she is 64 years old and still continues to have such a beautiful, smooth and stretched skin which women of her age usually lack. In an honest review, Bree has seriously had an overdose of every other plastic procedure she aimed to have. Her so tight and stretched skin is a remark of her getting the surgeries done.


It is to no surprise that she raised eyebrows and proper eye structure is because of the eyelift she has had in the past. Her eyelift has centered her eyes and in order to make them beautiful, she has ruined the whole look making them wide and indifferent. Bree was once an extremely beautiful person. She has been open regarding her relationships, her alcoholism, her genetic disorders and what not, but she till date has not been able to accept that her ruined face is because of a plastic procedure.