Britney Spears Before and After Plastic Surgery

By | Sep 11, 2015
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In this world of fame and fans it is hard for a celebrity like Britney Spears to let off a trend like plastic surgery. Just like other famous celebrities Britney too went under the knife so that she could look 20 forever.In the recent award show Britney planned to fire the red carpet from her mesmerising outfit but unfortunately others were more interested to see her new changed face.

Many of her fans and co-workers were shocked to see the new Britney, it was nothing close to what they expected.

Because of those heavy lips her face looked puffy and it was hard to admit that, that lady was non other than our favourite Britney Spears.



The singing sensation Britney has always been the hot topic of the H-town because of her talent as well as perfect figure but what we all saw in the award show was way too much than what we could handle.


When asked about her changed face, Britney claimed that she did went to the famous Beverly hill’s surgeon Dr raj, who has performed plastic surgery of other top celebrities like Cameron diaz and Jennifer Aniston. But she went there only for the lip injection.

When we showed her before and after pictures are experts claimed that she has certainly gone through Breast implant and nose job a long with her liposuctions



It is said that Britney Spears has applied a butt fat injection recently to enhance her hip and waistline. And this surgery procedure has given her a new glamorous and perfect look at her aging body. Britney Spears has also admitted that she has gone through the liposuction injection procedure to remove the excess fat from her body. So, if you notice her carefully; you will find that she looks slimmer than ever before.

Unlike the horrible plastic surgeries Britney’s surgeon has done a wonderful job, though she looked very weird in the award show. Slowly but gracefully Britney is gaining her love and we think it’s more than ever before


No matter what we assume and suggest, nothing can be authenticated unless Britney owns up every rumor and no matter what we hear or see we should keep loving our Britney for the beautiful voice she owns in reality.



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