Bruce Jenner (Kardashian) Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Dec 19, 2014
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In case you are one of those people who think that plastic surgeries are restricted only to female celebrities then you are absolutely wrong. You probably haven’t heard or read about the plastic surgery story of Bruce Jenner. In case you don’t know who Bruce Jenner is, note that he is a former athlete and Olympian.


He used to take part in decathlon and even won a gold medal for USA in the 1976 Olympics at Montreal, setting a world record with more than 8,000 points. Once he retired as an athlete he then moved on to become a minor celebrity, actor and also a motivational speaker.

In case you do not watch E! Entertainment, you should also know that Bruce Jenner is actually the step father of the Kardashian sisters and had also made many appearances on their show known as keeping up with the Kardashians. You should also know that over the years he has undergone 2 plastic surgeries.


Bruce Jenner plastic surgery procedures

Bruce Jenner got his first plastic surgery procedure done in the year 1984 and to date it is still counted amongst the worst celebrity plastic surgeries ever. Something even he agreed to on his step daughter’s TV show.

The first plastic surgery procedure Bruce Jenner had undergone included a rhinoplasty which in simple terms is actually known as the nose job and also a partial face lift. After he had his first surgery done Bruce Jenner was often ridiculed since most people thought that it was a mistake on his behalf to actually get the surgery done in the first place.



Jenner believed that since he was an athlete and not a TV star or an actor people responded to him differently but all the ridicule and criticism did not stop Jenner from having another plastic surgery, tough this time the results were much better.

After getting tired of all the ridicule and negative comments since his first surgery Bruce Jenner finally decided to go under the knife once again in order to get rid of all the mistakes that were made the first time. The 2nd surgery took place in the year 2009 almost 25 years after the first one.


Before getting the 2nd surgery done Jenner did consult his family and after the Kardashian family gave the surgery the thumbs up he went ahead with it. He hoped that the advancement in technology and also the procedures would definitely help him get rid of the previously made mistakes.

The 2nd surgery was done more in secret and only a handful of people actually knew about it. In the 2nd plastic surgery Bruce Jenner had his nose restructured which gave it a more normal look than before. Along with that he also had the too tight plasticised look of his skin removed.

Once the surgery was done the results were quite impressive and both Jenner and his wife were quite happy with it. Bruce Jenner now looks way better when compared to his look after the 1st surgery. After the 2nd surgery Bruce Jenner talked openly about his happiness over its success.


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