Carine Roitfeld Diet Plan and Exercise Routine

By | May 11, 2016
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carine roitfeld diet exercise

“We never repent from having eaten too little but we do repent from having eaten too much”Carine Roitfeld, a 61 year old lady born on 19th September 1954. Earth received her on the land of Paris, France. She was born to Jacques Roitfeld a Russian emigrant who was a film producer before he moved to Paris and meet Carine’s mother who was a very classy French woman. She has been dating Christian Restoin since late 1970’s and the couple together has 2 children which they are bringing up together without being married. She is an editor and stylist by profession.

Carine Roitfeld Diet Plan and Exercise Routine

She has been the editor-in-chief of CR fashion book May 2012 and October 2012 and a global fashion director for Harper’s bazaar. Earlier she was a fashion model in the city of style Paris that is also known as the fashion capital of the world. She began her modelling career at the age of 18. She wasn’t a star and not been very successful as a model, just booked by some junior magazines. She wanted to do something great with her life and wanted to be famous and known to the whole world by her name. So she decides working as a freelancer stylish seeing this career as a scope for her excellence. She gained new heights in this career and became one of the most well known stylist world has ever seen.

carine roitfeld diet Secrets

Carine Roitfeld Diet Plan

“Eating can be a weight that pulls you down the water and makes you sink, or it can be a lifejacket that brings you up and away from all danger.”She believes eating more cheese can make you lose weight. What do people diet for? Losing weight, isn’t it? so if she explained the role of calcium in cheese that can make you lose weight not by cutting up your daily and tasty food diet or sticking to a old school healthy balanced diet.


Seriously balanced diets are torture to tongues and soul, sometimes you feel dizzy, dull, your face doesn’t glow enough, you are tired mostly and your body doesn’t get enough energy and you feel like fainting. But there is a way out that is the calcium in milk products like cheese helps increasing your metabolism which makes your body to burn fat rather than keeping it stored to make you fat.

Carine Roitfeld Diet Plan and Exercise Routine

On the other hand red wine can also help you increase your metabolism and hence maintain a healthy shape without disrupting your present diet with just a little exercise which is most important to stay healthy and happy. Further she suggests smoking as a diet tip to reduce weight but it is suggested not to follow as smoking has other harms and side effects on the body that can last longer.