Carla Bruni’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Feb 20, 2015
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If you spend time listening to songs then you might have come across the name Carla Bruni but in case you haven’t heard of her note that Carla Bruni is a very well-known Italian singer. Apart from singing people also know her for her song writing skills.


Carla Bruni was born on 23rd December in the year 1967. She was born in Turin and is the actual heiress to her grandfather’s Italian Tyre manufacturing corporation. She came into the spotlight after her album debuted in Europe in the year 2002.

Over the years she has recorded songs with Harry Connick, Jr. and has also recorded many songs at Radio City Music Hall which is situated in New York City.


One of the best things about this Italian singer is that she only sings songs written by her and has enthralled people all over the world with her amazing performances. At present she is married to the President of the French Republic i.e. Nicolas Sarkozy.

She is a mother of one daughter. Carla Bruni in into her middle ages and thus you had to expect that rumours of her undergoing plastic surgery procedures would surface at some point of time and lately there have been a few.

So the question is whether Carla Bruni has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumours related to it false.

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery


Looking at her before after images many of her fans around the world are pretty sure that she has indeed undergone quite a few plastic surgery procedures in order to look younger.

The plastic surgery procedure Carla Bruni is speculated to have undergone includes collagen implants and even lip and cheek fillers, Botox injections and also a rhinoplasty.

Carla Bruni is now into her 40’s and still there appears to be no sign of wrinkles on her face. Her skin looks to be smooth and vibrant and thus many people speculate that she may have received Botox injections.


Her face appears to be nipped and tucked thus suggesting that she may have also undergone a face lift in order to avoid sagging skin around the neck region. The shape of her nose also looks altered thus raising speculations that she has also undergone a rhinoplasty.

A rhinoplasty is also known was the nose job by many people. Her lips and cheeks look plumped up suggesting that she may have received implants. Carla Bruni’s plastic surgery seems to have gone well since she still looks pretty.


Carla Bruni is one of those celebrities who does not intend to come forward and accept that she has undergone plastic surgery procedures. Each time she has been asked about the she has flatly refused. Although just believing the before and after images may be wrong but they do make a good case.

So until and unless someone actually comes forward and tells the truth there is no definite way to prove that Carla Bruni has undergone plastic surgeries.

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