Catherine Zeta Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

By | Jun 6, 2015
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Catherine Zeta

Catherine Zeta is a Welsh actress who was first noted in the public eye during the early 1990s when she featured in the comic drama series The Darling Buds of May. She went on to be a part of many big budget projects like The Legend of Zorro (2005), The Phantom (1996), America’s Sweetheart (2001) and Traffic (2000). Apart from 23 nominations and an equal number of awards in her kitty, Catherine has also won an Oscar for the Best Supporting Actress role in Chicago (2002). In June 1998, she was the number one actress being searched on Yahoo Internet Magazine.

Catherine Zeta Plastic Surgery Before and After

Many celebrity watchers have appreciated the fresh appeal in her recent pictures. A comparison of these with her earlier pictures suggests a Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelift, and botox. All of these changes have been a pleasant surprise as they turned out just right.They have changed her look only for the good, compensating for all that was absent naturally. At the first glance, many would not even make out that she did actually go for cosmetic enhancements.


Her skin is now tight and even shining without any bit of artificiality, thankfully. Given her age, this cannot be possible without a facelift. The use of botox is also quite visible on her face as it is free of all the forehead lines, crow’s feet, frown lines and wrinkles.Expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn notes that her lines lack the visibility that most women of her age have. Her ultra smooth skin, higher eyebrows, and fuller cheeks also indicate a use of fillers injections.


Her slightly changed nose has also contributed much to Catherine’s youthful appearance. She must have undergone a rhinoplasty since her nose has changed significantly and for the better.It is now slimmer and sharper with a pointed tip and smaller nostrils. It has made her entire face more attractive and beautiful, adding a renewed charm to it.


Her voluminous breasts have also helped her get the attention she desired. She looks extremely confident with the new curvy figure she has been flaunting for quite some years now. Her breast implant has been done perfectly. Her enhanced breasts appear nothing but natural.Only by taking a close look at her before and after surgery pictures can one notice the difference in her breasts. Her boobs are rounder and fuller than before and have added a lot to her sex appeal.


Despite the series of artificial alternations the actress has brought about in her body, she remains to look not only younger but even more beautiful. Her surgeon is definitely the man whom most of the Hollywood celebs need desperately.Catherine is one of the very few actresses whose plastic surgeries have been appreciated by one and all. Her surgeries make her stand out from the league of stars that have gone under the knife only to come out looking worse than before.

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