Charo Plastic Surgeries Before And After Pictures

By | Jun 22, 2017
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Charo plastic surgeries

Charo was born in Spain to a lawyer father and homemaker mother. She had taken training under a personal music professor giving her guitar lessons.She got married at the age of 25 to Xavier Cugat. And their marriage broke down after 12 years in 1978. She then hooks up with Kjell Rasten.

She appeared in many US Television Shows in mid-60s. And appeared in shows including The Love Boat, Donny Maier, and The Mike Douglas Show. She preferred to stay away from the industry, to take full care of her son.

Charo Nose Job

The Dancing with the Stars star has never admitted to her plastic surgeries. Her nose looks very different from her early one. In recent pictures, her nose looks very artificial and her skin around her nose is also sagging. Due to lack of base, the nose starts to develop dimples on each side. Her nostrils seem to be toward the center of her nose. Her nose shape doesn’t match well with her face.

Charo  Facelift

The facelift procedure is popular among the celebrities. Fine lines and wrinkles start to develop in the mid 40s. Charo has crossed 70, her face looks amazing with no wrinkles and fine lines. Her recent pictures show no evidence of deep smile lines, forehead wrinkles, and sunken cheeks. Thus, she might have undergone a facelift to look younger.

Charo Facial Fillers

Charos’s eyes look puffed up whereas at this age the face shows signs of sagging. She might have used dermal fillers and chemical fillers to puff the cheeks. Dermal fillers are used to smoothen the laugh line or deep wrinkles and to puff the area where it has been used. This filler can be used to fill the area near eyes and to puff the cheeks. These fillers can do wonders if used perfectly. So there might be chances that she had taken these fillers.

Charo Lip Implants

Fuller lips create more sex appeal in a woman. There are two types of lip implants which include Gore-Tex and Soft Form Lip implant. The procedure takes about 1 hour. Her natural lips are quite thin. However, in her recent pictures, her lips look more fuller and artificial. Charo might have undergone lip implant for enhancing her lips.

In conclusion, it is quite clear from her before and after photos, that she had undergone surgeries. She doesn’t confess for them. But, her face has many alterations as compared to her earlier pictures.