Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

By | Feb 14, 2015
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Chelsea Clinton

Many of you out there might already be aware who Chelsea Clinton is but in case you haven’t heard of her below are a few details about her. As the name may suggest to you Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of the former president Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She was born on 27th February in the year 1980.For years she helped promote the work her parents did in politics while doing her studies in business and now is ready to become a correspondent on the nightly news since she has gotten a job as a correspondent for NBC. It was around her marriage time that rumors of her undergoing plastic surgery procedures seemed to surface.

Chelsea Clinton Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

Like all brides, she wanted to look perfect on her big day. She was about to get married to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky in the year 2011 and they got engaged to each other in the year 2009. Usually, brides begin to diet and workout before their big. Some do it well while some give up.In the case of Chelsea Clinton, she too decided to diet and exercise but then soon also decided to undergo plastic surgery procedure in order to attain the perfect body for her wedding day.So the question is whether the rumors of Chelsea Clinton’s plastic surgery procedures true or just pure speculation.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery

Chelsea Clinton and Marc got married on 31st July in the year 2011 and well before that day, Chelsea Clinton appeared to have lost around 20-25 pounds. She also appeared to have a thinner nose and also a well-defined jaw line thus fuelling speculations that she has indeed undergone plastic surgery procedures. If you look at the before and after images of her you will know that the changes are quite noticeable.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Photos

The cosmetic surgery procedures that Chelsea Clinton is speculated to have undergone includes a rhinoplasty and also chin augmentation. Rhinoplasty which is a procedure done on the nose in order to alter its shape is speculated by many because a bump which was earlier present on her nose seemed to have been smoothened out.


Rhinoplasty is also known as a nose job. Cheek augmentation has been speculated by many people because it appeared to be slightly more defined than before. Dr. Jennifer Walden an expert plastic surgeon suggested that she also underwent dental work and received Juvederm in order to hide her gummy smile.

Looking at her before and after images, one thing is quite clear that the plastic surgery procedures Chelsea Clinton has undergone have been done quite well and many expert plastic surgeons have said that her looks have actually improved.One thing you need to remember is that so far there has been no definite proof about Chelsea Clinton’s plastic surgery and thus believing all the rumors would be wrong. So until and unless Chelsea Clinton or someone related to her comes out and speaks about her plastic surgery procedures, rumors will continue to surface.

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