Cheryl Cole Plastic Surgery Before & After Nose Job Pictures

By | Jan 22, 2017
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Cheryl Cole Plastic-Surgery

So today I am going to tell you about one of the most popular British celebrity Cheryl Chole. Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini also known as Cheryl Chole is an amazing dancer and a sensational singer. She is also famous for her appearance in several TV shows. This British Beauty is born and brought up in Tyne and Wear. Cheryl was born with talent, but it wasn’t until 2002 that it was recognized by other people. She made her debut as a part of all girls pop song group. Since then there is no stopping her; Cheryl has taken the quick path to success.

Cheryl Cole Plastic Surgery Before & After Nose Job

Cheryl Cole Plastic Surgery Before & After

In 2009 she managed to release her solo album which was a great hit.
She has really done a great job over this year, but unfortunately, she wasn’t satisfied with it. This lack of satisfaction made her take some decisions, which were wrong but turned out great for her. I sure you realize what I am talking about? Yes! you are right. I am talking about the artificial beautification treatments that she has gone through.There is a long list of things she has done to herself. So just keep calm and continue to read.


My favorite part ( I mean the writing segment xD ). So we all know boob job is a very common practice when it comes to female celebrities. Most of them are not satisfied with their breast size. So to make them look better they go through breast implant. Cheryl is one of the best examples of boob jobs.
Well I have been watching her for a long time, and I have watched her grow, but the sudden growth in boob size is not a natural growth. After research and consulting from experts, I am perfectly sure to state that silicon on Choles breast is a gift of plastic surgeons. If you guys don’t believe me then compare the old boobs with a new one.

Cheryl Cole Plastic Surgery Before Pictures


Again like a breast implant, rhinoplasty is also a very common practice among celebs. I don’t understand why are they so unsatisfied with their perfectly shaped nose.Even Chole was tired of her simple and not so attractive nose. So she finally went through rhinoplasty to give her nose a better shape. Right now Choles owns the nose of an angel.


Source have given me a cent percent true news. Chole goes for hair extension treatment every 3 months. She goes to increase the hair volume, which is working fine for her. Though she spends a fortune on them, it’s approx 1200 dollar per treatment.



Bored of her regular look Chole decided to make her lips wider and puffier. Also, She had Buttox injections to have a natural looking, young and glowing skin, but trust me whole it looks as fake as a toy car.It’s sad how these celebs are not happy with themselves and what’s worse is that they don’t agree with the fact of surgery. But what can we do about it (screw them). Till then good bye and have fun.