Cheryl Tiegs’ Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Feb 22, 2015
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If you keep up with the fashion world you might have definitely heard of Cheryl Tiegs but in case you haven’t note that Cheryl Tiegs is a very popular American model and has been working in the fashion industry for many years now.


Cheryl Tiegs was born on 25th February in the year 1947. She got her first big break as a model at a tender age of 17. She had gotten on the cover of magazine and since then has never looked back. Soon she started appearing on the cover pages of some of the most well-known magazines such as Vogue, Time and Elle.

Apart from being a model she is also known is the fashion industry for being a good fashion designer. In the year 1980 she started a line of everyday wear sports clothes known as Sears and Roebuck which was actually quite popular.


Within a year she had around 600 stores across the nation. Cheryl Tiegs is now well in to her 60’s and since she has been is the fashion world for so many years it is no surprise that there have been rumours of her undergoing plastic surgery procedures in order to look better.

So the question is whether Cheryl Tiegs has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumours related to it false.

Cheryl Tiegs Plastic Surgery Procedures


Not just fans but also many experts from around the world believe that Cheryl Tiegs has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures. The plastic surgery procedure Cheryl Tiegs is speculated to have undergone includes a facelift, possibly fillers, Botox injections and also a rhinoplasty.

Cheryl Tiegs, now in to her 60’s still hardly has any wrinkles on her face indicating that she has definitely undergone plastic surgery procedures such as Botox injections. A facelift is speculated because the skin around her neck does not seem to droop.


Paul Nassif, a very well-known plastic surgeon is Beverly Hills in an interview stated that Cheryl Tiegs has also undergone a rhinoplasty at some point of time. A rhinoplasty is done on the nose in order to change its shape and is commonly known as the Nose job.

He also speculated that she has had fillers like restylane in her lips since the looked plumped than before. He also stated that at the moment Cheryl Tiegs does look good and the procedures have improved her face but also suggested that she should not get any more work done at all.


Cheryl Tiegs is not one of those celebrities who feel free to open up about her plastic surgery procedures. In fact when she was asked about her opinions on plastic surgery procedures in an interview she stated that she is not in favour of plastic surgery procedures.

She is proud of how she looks and does not feel the need to alter it. So until and unless someone comes out with clear evidence that Cheryl Tiegs has undergone plastic surgery procedures there is no way to be sure of it.

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