Choi Jin Hyuk Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Sep 4, 2016
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Choi Jin Hyuk is a South Korean actor. He was born on February 9, 1986. He gained popular demand in his industry from 2006 and presently he is considered one of the hottest Korean actors. He is 30 yrs old. He is best known for his roles in the TV series Gu Family Book, Emergency Couple ,Pride and Prejudice and The Heirs. He bagged a grand prize in the KBS reality tv show Survival Star Audition in 2006 and has shot up in his field of work ever since. He has become Korea’s hot topic and has a bunch load of fan following.

Choi Jin Hyuk Plastic Surgery

Many followers that drool over him ought to know that his real name is Kim Tae Ho. He didn’t change his name until 2010. His sense of style amazes everyone. Choi Jin Hyuk is one man who had a baby face even in his days of adolescence. what made his appearance so chique and slender all of a sudden . Followers and fans believe it’s the work of plastic surgeons that had led to a complete mutation of his facial structure.

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It is clearly visible in his pictures from before and now that he has undergone a nose job, work on the eyes and also a surgery to mould the shape of his lower jaw that gives him an edgy jawline now!

Nose job

This personality seems to have gone under the knife to get the perfect slender nose that everybody envies for. He now has a perfectly crafted nose that is not at all puffy at its end and complements his long face.


The bags under his eyes that made him look as though he slept all day have been reduced significantly, giving him a cool rugged look that says “ haven’t slept in a long while”.


Choi Jin Hyuk Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

The actor has definitely undergone a surgery for his lower jaw. A broad lower jaw gave him a round looking face which seems pretty oval nowadays. The cameras angles can’t fool a huge fan following well can it ? From a baby face to a sleek long face with the perfect jaw line ! The change is too noticeable. He has a longer face now and a completely different side profile.

Choi Jin Hyuk Plastic Surgery Before And After

This is yet another actor who has undergone a super successful plastic surgery. Koreans who are particular about perfection have paved way to a lot of plastic surgeries so that the celebrities can attain the perfect appearance and hence inspire their fans to be as perfect as them.