Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Nov 12, 2016
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Christie Brinkley

Christie Lee Hudson famously known as Christie Brinkley was born on 2 February,1954 to Marjorie and Don Brinkley in Monroe, Michigan. She is an actress and an American model. In late 1970s, she gained world wide popularity with three consecutive hits including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She worked with several magazines. Apart from her work as actress, she went on to work as writer, designer, photographer, activist for animals right and environment.


She was first seen by photographer Errol Sawyer in 1973 in Paris. He took pictures and introduce her to Elite Model Management. Magazines including Allure, Playboy and Men’s Health have named her as the most attractive women. In 2008, she has worth USD $80 million. Daily Mail Lister her in list of “World’s 20 richest models.”

Apart from her interest in acting and modeling. She supports writing a blog for and of film commercial. She helped in the foundation of equestrian sport. She donated $100,000 to organisation of Democratic Party of the United States. She was also a part of anti nuclear campaigns and activities against the Brookhaven National Laboratory. She has also been involved with organisation PETA.

Christie Brinkley Before And After Pictures

Possible surgeries

Christie Brinkley has been very open about her plastic surgeries. Christie is well known because of being the first model to work on the most lengthy modelling contract for Cover Girl. She was diva of her time, her time being 1970s and early 1980s. So her age has crossed 60 years. However, she can beat Asian actors who are not even 30 at looks.

Christie Brinkley still looks young and charming. This beauty is youthful. You would never found her sans her panache. The fact she hardly looks like women of her age, gives birth to easy speculations that its the work with her surgeons. What’s really interesting in her case is that she has been as open as one could be about these enhancements. She never manipulated her comments to unnecessarily prove that she has always maintained a distance with knife, when she hasn’t. The other thing that you can notice is that none of her plastic surgeries went bizarre, simply because she not only invested money on an expert but only invested her time before making the decision.

She has in depth knowledge of plastic surgeries and she even shared “how to make apt use of plastic surgeries”, in her book, Timeless Beauty and penned down several blogs for the same.

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Pictures

1.Botox Use

Christie Brinkley urged that overdosage of botox on your forehead leaves it impact in the way, it makes you look depressed, similar thing happened with her.

So she advices minimal use of botox, because over use of botox has its own harmful impacts and you can’t reverse your action, once taken and are left with nothing rather than cribbing.

According to her, you can use Botox to get a defined neck line, double chin and jawline.


2. Fillers

According to Christie, little use of fillers is never bad and yields amazing results in terms of removal of lines of aging. She strictly condemns over use of fillers