Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Jan 6, 2015
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If you love listening to English songs than I sure you might have heard of the name Christina Aguilera. In case you haven’t heard about her but are eager to know note that Christina Aguilera is an American singer and came into the spotlight after the release of her hit songs such as the Genie in the bottle, what a girl wants and also come on over baby. She was born on 18th December 1980.


Christina Aguilera was first discovered on the TV show Star Search in the year 1990 and from there went to play an important role in the TV show The Mickey Mouse Club. From there in the year 1998 she signed onto RCA records. Once that was done her career as a singer took off and she soon released her first album titled Christina Aguilera.

As she became famous most people started to question whether she had actually gone under the knife in order to make her look better. So the question is Whether Christina Aguilera has really undergone plastic surgery procedures to enhance her looks or not.


Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Procedures

Most of the people agree that Christina Aguilera has actually undergone a total 4 cosmetic surgery procedures since she started her career as a singer. These people have compared images of hers from different years and gone to speculate that Christina Aguilera has under breast augmentation, lip augmentation and also liposuction.

Apart from these procedures a rhinoplasty is also speculated. For those who do not know what a rhinoplasty is note that this procedure is performed on the nose to make it appear better and is commonly known as the nose job. Many people speculate that her nose looks slightly thinner at the bottom and wider at the top than it was before.


The rhinoplasty also makes the nostrils on her nose appear even. Breast augmentation is speculated because when she started her career in the 1990s her breast size was an A cup and then it changed to C cup and during her pregnancy and once her child was born her breast size increased to en E cup and after some time the size reduce.

Speculation is that she had the implants removed and that is why her breast size reduced. Lip augmentation or in order words Botox injections are speculated since her lips look fuller than they did before and a liposuction is speculated because it is believed that after the birth of her son she would want to get back into shape quickly.


Now the problem is that there is no way to determine whether these rumours are actually true or not since Christina Aguilera hasn’t come out in the open and spoken about it and nor has someone close to her or doctors who performed the surgery talked about it.

Most of the changes you may notice can also be due to natural changes in her body. So until there is confirmation from a reliable source, questions related to Christina Aguilera’s plastic surgery will continue to float around.


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