Christina Aguilera Workout And Diet Plan

By | Apr 24, 2016
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christina aguilera diet and weight loss

Christina María Aguilera, an American singer-songwriter was a part of   television series Star Search and The Mickey Mouse Club.She started as a mere singer who was struggling hard to come up with her debut single.Christina Aguilera has Traversed from just being a beautiful   voice to an actor, a philanthropist, a goodwill ambassador and apart from being superb on her   career front   she also manages her family by essaying the role of   a wife and mother and has proved herself alomst everywhere .

Christina Aguilera Workout And Diet Plan

A special term was coined for her ” Princess of Pop” She is known as a talented perfectionist who had a   fit body and followed the healthy life-style. Many media persons have constantly claimed that the reason of her energy on-stage was her perfect eating habits . So, take a look at Christina’s workout and diet plan.She loves thrill and adrenaline rush so to begin with her fitness regime she walks on the treadmill to gain the required momentum for her further exercises.

She follows ” THE 1800 CALORIE DIET”, and owes a great deal of her energy that she shows in her performances be it on stage or off stage.  She follow the 6-day a week diet which is high on doses of   proteins, vegetables and whole grains and makes sure that her 3 meals and 2 snacks contains 1800 calories .

Christina Aguilera Workout

Yes , components of the diet are important but you need to be disciplined to actually stay in shape .Christinia have been high on the principle of ” Never deprive yourself” because keeping oneself   away from the things you like to eat, only ends up   to irregularities in the metabolism.   Like normal Christina tongue craves for fast foods like chili French fries, chicken wings, nachos and cookies but her body can’t afford all this on regular basis but she takes them   before stepping on the stage because the way she sings and dances is enough to burn 2000 to 4000 calories .

Christina Aguilera Workout And Diet Plan

christina aguilera diet cleanse

Like all other celebs Christina has been successful in ELIMINATING WHITES like that of   white rice, flours and sugars from her diet and substituted it with healthy variant of brown.After giving birth to her child she lost oodles of weight (around 30 pounds , which is neither common nor easy after pregnancy ) and confessed that the most natural way of loosing post pregnancy fat is through breastfeeding but proper breastfeeding leads to a lot of energy loss and thus she gorged on some snacks considerately.

Christina Aguiler Diet Plan

Christina has set an example for all those who think weight loss game is only for actors but she says being a human you have to be in shape and looking glamorous won’t do any harm.A look at her expected diet that is rich in proteins ,omega 3 and low on fats:

  • Breakfast – English muffin (wholegrain) with jelly and peanut butter along with scrambled eggs.
  • Snack – Fruit pieces
  • Lunch – Tuna and bread (while wheat)
  • Snack – Cheddar cheese
  • Dinner – Fish entrée with salad or chicken

To follow a plan like Christina , you need to hire personal   chefs who can prove to be   very costly. Thus the cheapest way of getting the best of meals is buying some ” Cooking guides” that’s the most economical way of   preparing delicious and healthy diets.

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