Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Mar 14, 2017
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Clay Aiken

Clayton Holmes Grissom was born on 30 November, 1978 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is a leading actor, author, songsmith and politician. He is also an activist and has worked for several years as ambassador of UNICEF. He is a great singer and singing rose him to prominence with American Idol – Season II after which he sought several music contracts and later came with his debut album Measure of a Man in October 2003.

He has also been an active part of the TV industry and has also been a part of almost every talk show held.  Continuing his work he held theatre productions in North Carolina, his birth place with The Drowsy Chaperone. A social server, Aiken started early in 1955 as a worker at YMCA and later he started teaching  autistic students at Brentwood Elementary School. His personal life has been a bit magical where he initially with his wife Jaymes Foster gave welcomed their first child, a son. Later in life he came out t be a gay which was published in People’s magazine.

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Revelations

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

There are many male actors in the industry who have opted to undergo the knife to change their looks and Clay Aiken is no exception to that. The transformation that Clay has undergone is commendable and is a complete change in his looks. This hotness now looks hotter than before and we are here with the suspected plastic surgeries the actor has had to enhance his already charming looks that have been enhanced to a new level now.

Nose Job

If you go on comparing the before and after pictures of Clay you will get to notice that his nose has undergone a specific transformation which can be clearly marked. He initially had a wide and a bulbous nose which has now been reduced in size and looks very thin and narrow. This restructured nose has certainly bought a great change in his appearance and he seems to be more confident carrying it now and he seems to be more confident carrying it now.

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery

Jaw Surgery

A jaw surgery can be easily made out by comparing his before and after pictures. His wide jaw now gives him a strong and man like appearance and he seems to look very mature after this change in appearance.

Chin Surgery

A chin surgery can also be made out here which has bought about an impactful change in his facial structure and design. The fat of his neck seems to have dissolved after the surgery and on paying close attention to the same you get to see that his triangular chin is now flat and gives a very manly appearance to his face and looks.

Clay always has been portrayed as a chocolate boy and now that he has got such plastic procedures done, he now seems to look mature and changed. The new look he has acquired now seems to complement his personality even more and he looks all the way more charming and handsome with this new look.