Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Dec 29, 2014
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When you talk about plastic surgery rumours one name hard to ignore is Courtney Cox. In case you haven’t seen any of her TV shows and do not know much about her note that Courtney Cox is an American TV actress and has done roles is many hit TV shows. She came into the limelight after playing the role of Monica Gellar in the super hit TV show friends which were quite popular in the 1990s. I am sure you must have heard about this TV show.

After friends Courtney Cox now plays as lead character in the TV show Cougar Town. Though her new show is not doing as well as Friends, it has not done as badly as some of the other shows.

Another thing about Courtney Cox that you need to keep in mind is that she is now in her 40s and when you reach that age and still look as good as her rumours of plastic surgery procedures are bound to surface sooner or later.


So the question is whether Courtney Cox has actually undergone any plastic surgery procedure so far or is the rumour false.

Courtney Cox Plastic surgery procedures

Many fans of Courtney Cox and other curious people have gone on to compares older images of her to the ones taken off late and are very sure that the rumours of her having gone under the knife are actually quite true. The list of procedures that these people speculate that she may have undergone includes breast augmentation.


After watching some of the bikini scenes of hers in the TV show Cougar Town many people have speculated that she has definitely undergone breast augmentation. Apart from these speculations, people in the past have speculated that she may have undergone various other procedures like lip enhancement, in order to make her lips appear better on TV.

Other than these non surgical procedures like Botox injections have also been speculated. Some people are quite sure that she has received Botox injections to her face.


Now I know when you look at all the evidence it is quite easy to believe that she may have in fact undergone all the above mentioned plastic surgery procedures but what you also need to keep in mind is that images don’t always give out the whole truth and a lot of factors can influence the way you look in all of these images.

Factors like the camera angle at the time of the image, the lighting in the background, the dress, the make-up, the hairstyle etc. all can have an impact on the way she appears in the images thus making her look quite different.


Apart from these factors natural causes should also be kept in mind because Courtney Cox in her mid 40s and as you age your body does undergo a few changes which can also make you appear differently and since Courtney Cox has herself never come out in the open and spoken about her having undergone plastic surgery procedures you cannot assume them to be completely true.

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