David Coverdale Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Apr 25, 2017
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David Coverdale

David Coverdale was born on 22 September 1951 in North Yorkshire, England. David was already a musical star at the tender age of 14 wherein he used to give a lot of stage performances. Coverdale acceded into the music industry with Deep Purple band in 1972 via a magazine. On the downfall of the musical band, Coverdale decided to turn up all odds and move on. It was in 1977 when he released his first solo single, Whitesnake which later became his own band’s name and which continued to flourish with great music and performances.

David Coverdale plastic surgery before and after

David Coverdale Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

The concept of altering your body and getting a new transformation has hit the Hollywood industry so hard that there’s no artist left who has tried the art of plastic surgery. Whatever be the cost, whatever is the effect, good or bad, the only thing that these celebs want is a young and rejuvenated skin for life. Plastic surgery aims to reverse the play of nature which is aging. David Coverdale who is running in his late 60s is another player of this game who aimed to get super good looks by undergoing plastic surgery without revealing about one. But, the hard hit fact that men or humans of his age do not bear boyish skin which is all smooth and plain. Well, he is not the only celeb become a part of this web, rather every actor, singer, director, and artists are getting hitched with the plastic surgery thing to cover up their skin flaws. Let’s have a look at the suspected plastic procedures of David Coverdale.


A facelift is the most common plastic procedure celebs resort to as it is the easiest to do a procedure which completely transforms you into a new being. David in his initial years had a great, charming face with killer looks, but slowly with aging which is a natural phenomenon he developed some serious lines and wrinkles and some saggy patches over his face. Her finally resorted to getting a facelift done, after which we can easily observe that there is absolutely no mark of any line or wrinkle or any saggy skin. Well, this is the magic of plastic surgery, it is fine, sudden and surely worth the money if done in right quantity.

Cheek Upliftment

David Coverdale Plastic Surgery Before And After

On comparing his before and after pictures one can easily make out that the singer has a different cheek design now and that is again because of cheek upliftment surgery. His cheeks seem to be round and prominent and seem to fit his face well. They are protruding and are transformed completely from the last ones which were sagged deep in the face.

Dentist surgery

If you observe his smile one can easily make out that there is a change in his teeth pattern and they seem to be well in shape, all aligned properly. His smile has always been charming but the sudden change reflects the new changes he has got now.