Deepika Padukone Before and After Plastic Surgery

By | Sep 18, 2015
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When we talk about beauties of Bollywood we certainly don’t forget to mention Deepika Padukone . A brilliant actress and model is very popular among Indian fans and took away a million hearts from her role in Ram-Leela. Deepika Padukone was born on 5 January 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark, to Konkani-speaking parents.

Deepika and her family relocated to Bangalore, India, when Padukone was a year old. Deepika was a passionate badminton player just like her father and spend most of her childhood around the playground.  Later she quit her college, where she was studying for a degree in Bachelor of Arts for pursuing her modelling career.

Being one of the tallest actresses she faced many problems while working with other male co- starts yet she came out with flying colours and is now one of the top actresses of Bollywood.


In recent years Deepak’s fans as well as media noticed a few changes like in the shape of her nose and lips, but in an interview when she was asked about the flowing rumour she denied and laughed away the topic.

Now matter what she says we can all se frequent upcoming changes. Being a celebrity it is very important for her to look picture perfect always, so the thought of her going under the knife doesn’t look as vague as it sounds.


We all love Deepika and her nature, her beautiful dimples and that perfect figure. No doubt she is god gifted beauty but when we look around and find so many Indian celebrities like Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif , we get the same idea by looking at our lovely Padukone.

Well it is hard to guess the real truth as she hasn’t claimed anything about having a plastic surgery and the makeup and lights which our B- town people use during shooting can even make a monster look like a mermaid.


So if she has gone under plastic surgery then the surgery must have included a nose job and lip surgery. Her narrow nose and plump lips are pretty convincing. Her complexion has changed a lot, from a dusty brown girl to a fair one. Things look pretty altered to perfection.

But we are no one to judge her after all it’s her acting and not the nose which has helped her in gaining so much love and affection from the fans. So as a fan what do you think has she or has she not went under surgeon’s sharp knife  or its just good quality makeup that has made her so flawless, the answer is in your hands.


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