Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery – Disasterous Before and After Photos

By | Jan 13, 2015
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If you love country music you then I am sure you might have heard of Dolly Parton at some point of time but in case you haven’t note that Dolly Parton was born on 19th January in the year 1946 and was one out of 12 children.
She was one of best singer, songwriter and actress. Apart from that she was also an entrepreneur. She is the song writer of 25 hit singles that also included one of her most popular songs I will always love you.


Other things that made Dolly Parton so famous among the people was her over the top style, her clothes, the blonde wigs, high heels and also the amount of make-up she used to apply.

Another thing you should know about Dolly Parton is that many called her queen of plastic surgeries. So the question here is whether Dolly Parton was really the queen of surgeries or not.

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery Procedures

Over the years many magazines have suspected that plastic surgery procedures may be the reason behind Dolly Parton’s huge bosom. In fact when it comes to Dolly Parton there is no need to speculate about plastic surgery procedure because she has herself come out in the open and accepted that she has undergone plastic surgery procedures many a times.


Though Dolly Parton always had a curvaceous body one thing that is quite noticeable about her is that the size of bust has increased quite a lot over the years. Dolly Parton has accepted she has undergone breast augmentation. It is speculated that she has not only had one but quite a few number of breast surgeries, sometimes to increase the size and sometimes to decrease it.

She has also gotten numerous breast implants. Apart from this it is also speculated that she has had various procedure done to enhance her face. These procedures include a brow lift, chin implant, upper and lower blepharoplasties (eyelid lifts), facial fat grafting, Botox, chemical peels, and lip fillers.


She is also speculated to have undergone a rhinoplasty. This procedure is done on the nose to make it look better and you may know it as the nose job.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif who is an expert plastic surgeon, in interview to Make Me Heal website agreed that Dolly Parton has undergone various kinds of plastic surgery procedure to make her face look better. Many people believe that Dolly Parton started having plastic surgeries in the 1980’s.

She decided to undergo breast augmentation since she wasn’t after size of her breasts had reduced due to weight loss.


Many of the people consider Dolly Parton to be an example of bad plastic surgery and many of the online websites related to celebrity plastic surgeries also seem to think the same. Despite all of the criticism Dolly Parton does not seem to be bothered.

In fact if you ever listen to what she has to say about it you will know that she does not mind undergoing more plastic surgery procedures if she feels the need to in order to look beautiful.

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