Donatella Versace’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Feb 16, 2015
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In case you haven’t heard of Donatella Versace before note that she is a very well-known Italian designer. Donatella Versace was born on 5th may in the year 1955. She has been around the fashion industry for quite some time.

She has been married once in her life but unfortunately her marriage ended up in divorce. Her ex-husbands name is Paul and she is a mother of 2 children. She has been a designer for the very well-known Versace group.


Although she is one of the most popular face of the Versace group she actually own only around 20% of the company. Most of the company is owned by her daughter who has a large share of around 50% while it’s her brother who owns the remaining 30%.


Over the years Donatella Versace has received loads of attention from the media and fans because of her youthful looks even at the age of 59 and when you look so young at 59 it is no surprise that people have been talking about her undergoing various plastic surgery procedures.


So the question is whether the rumours of Donatella Versace’s plastic surgery procedures true or just made up.

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Procedures


Blogs and tabloids have many before and after images of Donatella Versace that suggest that she has indeed undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures. The cosmetic surgery procedures that Donatella Versace is speculated to have undergone includes a face lift, lip implants, rhinoplasty and also cheek implants.

Even at the age of 59 her face does not have any wrinkles and even the skin around her neck has not become saggy as it should and that’s the reason many people speculate that she has undergone a face lift.

Even her lips appear to u fuller than before suggesting that she has received lip implants. Rhinoplasty is a procedure done on the nose and is also known as the nose job.


This procedure has been speculated because the tip of her nose appears to be different than it was before. Apart from that many experts from around the world have also speculated that she has received cheek implants. Well by looking at the before and after images it is quite obvious that the plastic surgery procedures Donatella Versace has undergone have been done quite badly and she is an example of plastic surgery going wrong. In fact she has been included the list of top 10 bad plastic surgeries.

Note that Donatella Versace has never spoken about her plastic surgery procedures but in case she ever decides too it would be very hard for her to deny it since the results are quite obvious.


Even though her before pictures weren’t the best, they were quite natural but in her after pictures her skin appears to be waxy and plastic.

Her face appears to be unnatural. Whether Donatella Versace decides to speak about her plastic surgery procedures in the future or not, one thing is quite obvious the rumours related to it will continue to fly around.

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