Drew Barrymore Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jan 23, 2017
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Drew Barrymore

Drew Blythe Barrymore was born on 22 February, 1975 in Culver City, California and is an actress, model and a producer. Her multitalented personality has bagged her many beautiful films and awards. Her very first role in the industry was in an advertisement while she was eleven months old and that she is here now as an actress.

Drew Barrymore Before and After Plastic Surgery

Drew Barrymore BOOB JOB

Drew Barrymore’s plastic surgery speculations has been revolving her since last many years, but there has been no statement regarding the same form her side and that she believes it is her natural beauty that makes her look beautiful. But, natural beauty is not something that lasts forever and that plastic surgery procedure is the only way out. Moreover, for a celebrity these days it has sort of become a trend to manage their appearances by undergoing plastic procedures.  Let’s have a look at what this pretty lady has had in the recent past in the name of plastic surgery.

Breast Reduction

usually celebs go for breast augmentation, but Drew was always very conservative about her boob size and that she must have underwent a plastic surgery to get the proportional size of boobs she has right now. Well, on comparing her before and after pictures we get to see that there is a certain change in her bust region and that her boobs have acquired a proper shape and all in all in a nutshell she has now acquired a proper body size and structure.

Facial Fillers and Botox Injections

she is also suspected to have had facial fillers due to which her skin has got a new edged level. Her facial skin is all toned and spotless, there is not even a single line or wrinkle that can be observed and that is certainly the magic of facial fillers.

Drew Barrymore plastic surgery

Well, her aging has been hauled and that there are even suspected signs of her getting Botox injections done over in her forehead region. Her forehead is all tight and smooth and there is not even a single line or wrinkle up there. All this can certainly never be natural beauty and that the suspected signs of her getting a plastic surgery done fall to be true.

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Cheek Fillers

well, the suspected cheek fillers seem to be true, on comparing her before and after pictures we can easily see the difference in her facial make up and that there’s a lot of changes in her facial construction. There is a sudden plump observed in her cheeks and her cheeks have all got new and different.

Lip Injections

her lips are also suspected to get a whole new shape. They have got much juicier and sumptuous and she seems to have had lip fillers injected.

Nose Job

Drew is even suspected of a Nose Job which certainly almost every other celebrity gets these days. her nose earlier used to be wide and have a plump end, but now she has got a new one with reduced nose bridge and a pointed end. She has got that desired conical shape now.