Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Jan 5, 2015
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I am sure you are already familiar with the name Elizabeth Berkley. In case you are not but want to know who Elizabeth Berkley is note that she is a TV celebrity and came into the spotlight after her role as Jessica Spano in the hit TV show Saved by the bell. She was born on 28th July 1972.


She was part of the show 4 years. After Saved by the Bell she starred in various other TV shows. She played the role of Horatio’s mother in the hit TV show CSI Miami and also starred in the movie Showgirls.

She has also played many other roles in her career so far but these are the roles I am sure most people would know about. Elizabeth Berkley is now in her early 40s and thus speculation for her having undergone some kind of cosmetic procedure in order to maintain her looks or to make her appear younger were going to surface at some point of time.


So the question most of her fans are asking at the moment is whether Elizabeth Berkley has undergone some kind of cosmetic surgery procedure or is the rumour related to it false.

Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery Procedures

You will come across various reports speculating what Elizabeth Berkley might have actually undergone. Many curious people on the internet have gone on to speculate that Elizabeth Berkley might have undergone a rhinoplasty.

This procedure is also called the Nose job by many people and most people speculate that she may have undergone it in order to differentiate her looks from the movie showgirls. People have also speculated that Elizabeth Berkley might have also undergone breast augmentation in order to appear better in the movie.


A liposuction is also speculated by many because when you compare her newer images to the older ones, her neck appears to be slightly thinner than it did before. Botox and microdermabrasion are also speculated because she hardly seems to have aged in all these years.

Other minor procedures she might have undergone are a Botox and filler because her face seems to quite smooth and wrinkle free for her age.

Another thing you should know is that even if Elizabeth Berkley has undergone plastic surgery procedure to maintain her good looks, they have actually been performed quite well because they in no way make her appear worse.


Elizabeth Berkley has herself never come out in the open and spoken to the media and clarified whether all the speculation surrounding her undergoing plastic surgery is true or not and nor has any other doctor related to the surgery spoken about it and thus it is not possible to determine how true the rumours are.

Elizabeth Berkley is an ageing actress and many natural causes can impact the way she appears in the images and that is something you always need to keep in mind. So until there is so reliable proof about Elizabeth Berkley cosmetic surgeries fans from around the world will continue to raise questions about her looks for some time now.

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