Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jan 19, 2017
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Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures
Today we will be talking about none other than Elena Jane or as you may recall her Ellie Goulding. Fortunately, her name isn’t the only thing she has changed, if you know what I mean. Well yes!, today I will tell you about the journey of Ellie from being pretty to prettier, but before that let’s know something more about her.
Ellie Goulding is a British-born Singer and Songwriter. She got a break at a very young age because of her lovely voice and pretty face. The producers who spotted her became her managers and helped her to release a debut album in 2009. In a year Ellie was the top contender of The BBC’s annual song tally and received several awards. The girl was on fire, and her flame spread across the complete film industry in no time. Till date, she is said to be the best British singer, but that’s not the only thing she is famous for.

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Before And After
Ellie has been always known for her stunning looks and gorgeous figure. Unfortunately, Ellie didn’t believe that to be true. So change that fact she went through some beauty treatments which are very easily noticeable to the naked eyes. The good thing is, things turned out to be great for her. Wanna know how? Let’s go into the details –


I have seen a lot of celebs undergo nose jobs, it is also popularly known as rhinoplasty. Like many other, Ellie also decided to have a better-looking nose. If you compare her older picture with the recent ones, I am sure you will be able to spot the difference. Earlier Ellie had a round nose. It was big and bulbous, but now it is all lean and sharp. It looks amazing on her face and frankly speaking, I can think of a better nose is whole Britain.


Just like Nose job, this is a very common beautification techniques women indulge in. Most of the women around the world are often unsatisfied with their boob size. So to make them larger, rounder and firmer they go through breast implants. In the case of Ellie, the new bigger and firmer boobs are easily noticeable. I guess the motto was successfully achieved. I know she never admits it, but common Ellie we all see it. right?



Oh, this is my favorite one. So , people me disagree, but facial appearance matter a lot and one of the most important features of the face is lips. People often have the most weirdly shaped lips which they modify with plastic surgeries. Ellie has gone through one of these surgeries, which didn’t turn out good for her. Earlier Ellie had the perfectly shaped, pink and juicy lips. but after a horrible surgery, Ellie has now a huge and bulbous pair of lips which seems to be hanging out of her face.I guess sometimes people must be happy with what they have. For now its a good by, but I will be back with some more spicy talks in no time. Till then good bye and don’t forget to read more of my blogs.