Emilia Clarke Before and After Plastic surgery Photos

By | Jun 10, 2015
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Emilia Clarke is a British actress born on 26th October 1986. She gained immense popularity for brilliantly portraying the role of the warrior queen Daenerys Targaryes in Game of Thrones (2011). Before Game of Thrones she had worked in a few TV series and films like Triassic Attack (2010), Spike Island (2012), Dom Hemingway (2013), Shackled (2012), etc.

However none of them got her the kind of fame she desired. In fact before Game of Thrones happened to her, Emilia was working in jobs like bartending, restaurant, call centre and a various other small scale jobs to maintain her life.



Clearly, her acting career was not of much help until then. The actress today has 4 wins and 12 nominations at various Awards and all of them have been for her splendid performance in the Game of Thrones!! She is popularly also known as ‘the mother of dragons’. Her screen image has become an inevitable, inseparable part of her real life now.

Even though she didn’t taste success at an early point in her career, her looks have always been appreciated. She was ranked #1on the Independent Critics List of 100 most beautiful faces of 2012. In 2013 again she was ranked #1 on Askmen’s list of most desirable famous women. Still the actress seems to have given into the temptation of altering her looks artificially.


Emilia has been suspected of having breast augmentation and lip enhancement in order to get the looks that contribute further to the strong character she plays. A possible reason for these speculations might be the fact that even though she appears with minimal makeup and her trademark wig on screen, she has always looked extremely attractive and beautiful.

The perfectly supple and thick lips that Emilia has are not always considered natural. To many they seem just too perfect to be so. They give the credit to a lib job that Emilia might have had at some point.


Still no one can clearly decide whether the actress did go for lip enhancement procedure or not. The same is the case with her eye brows that are a really striking feature of her face.

Emilia gives the credit for her beautiful eyebrows only to her mother who asked her not to experiment with them just as she wouldn’t experiment with drugs. The only thing she ever used for her eyebrows while she was growing up was Vaseline!

Similarly, Emilia’s breast enhancement procedure is also debatable. The only pictures that reveal changes in her breast size are doubted to be the result of Photoshop.


A comparison of her latest pictures with the ones taken a few years back does show a slight change in her breasts which now appear bigger and rounder. These however could also be natural.

Many celebrity watchers suggest that if the actress did actually go for a breast augmentation getting rid of her small sized boobs to get fuller and voluptuous ones, it would add a lot to her sex appeal.

However strong may be the rumors, Emilia has always maintained her stand that she never went for any plastic interventions and that her facial features, her bodily aspects and the changes noticed in them are natural.

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