Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Mar 6, 2016
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Emily Blunt Personal Life:

emily blunt nose job

Born on 23 February 1983, Emily Blunt is an English actress who is in the rumors because of two reasons, one her upcoming movies The Huntman: Winter’s war and The Girl On the Train as well as her recent plastic surgery. Emily was born in  Wandsworth, London as the second child amoung the four kids. Her mother Joanna was an actress and teacher where as her father  barrister Oliver Simon Peter Blun was a worker.

It was 2001 when blunt’s debut came, she played a role in a play called  The Royal Family. Her performance was so strong that the critics titled her as the best Newcomer. She then played many important roles like the role of Juliet in Indhu Rubasingham’s production of Romeo and Juliet at Chichester Festival Theatre and Eugenie in Nicholas Wright’s Vincent in Brixton  both in the year 2002.Emily married John Krasinski, who is himself a very sucessful American actor, director producer, model and screenwriter. A man of many talentd.

emily blunt plastic surgery before and after

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery:

Rumors started in 2010 when mysterious a huge transformation was seen in her and since then she has become one of the hottest topic of hollywood. Despite emily’s silence on this topic, many people claim that they have seen her going in and out of some surgeon’s clinic. When we compared emily’s before and after pictures, we were able to see the areas where plastic surgey would have been done.

Emily Blunt Botox Injection And Cheek Impant:


Emily’s skin has significntly changed, from dull pale to straweberry red. Now she has a creamy, smooth skin with no marks of ageing. Such a rich skin can only be obtained after injecting botox. At her age ladies normally face problems like ugly signs of ageing but emily’s case is extremly oppostie. Rather then loose skin, she has a tight and beautiful skin and all credits goes to her surgeon. Apart from the texture of her skin, Emily’s cheeks have also been altered. They are now a lot plump and shiny, Heavy dieting makes a persons cheeks pale and sunken and at that time cheek implant is the only solution that is left with a person.Emily’s perfect round cheeks are the live evidence of her goning under the surgeon’s knife.

Nose Job:

Emily’s little bumpy nose is long gone, there is a beautiful slender and sharp nose at its place. A nose’s shape cannot be changed naturally, neither dieting nor heavy exercising can change a persons nose shape but plastic surgery can. Emily’s new nose reveals the truth she had been hiding from all of us. According to our team of surgeons emily has had plastic surgeries to enhance her beauty. Hollywood is a very competitive place and to play hard you need to try hard. Through these plastic surgeries emily has enhanced her beauty and its quiet visible to all of us. Good looks will not only enhance her confidence but will also bring more work and fans to her. Emily now looks very happy and satisfied and we believe that’s what really matters in life.










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