Eminem Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Feb 15, 2016
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Eminem plastic surgery

Eminem Also known as Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born on October 17, 1972, is an American singer, rapper, music recorder as well as actor. Eminem is known as the God of Rapp and is considered as the world’s best American rapper.

As a child Eminem lived in the county seat of Buchanan County, Missouri, United States. He was the only child of Marshall Bruce Mathers and Deborah Rae Nelson.

As a child Eminem was always interested in singing and story telling, his rapping skills were admired and appreciated a lot by his family members but no body knew that he’ll become the legend of rapping some day.

Eminem face-lift


As Eminem grew, he joined many rapping groups. His very first one was the New Jack. As years passed, Eminem’s talent became popular among people and just after a few years of his journey he became the rapping idol. Eminem was a born artist, his passion and will for becoming the best can be easily seen. After years of struggle and ups & down, he was finally able to reach his spot. Between the stars like a moon, stands Eminem, bright and  confident.

As Eminem’s fame and name grew, rumors also started spreading about his affairs, jobs etc. but the one that spread like a fire was about him going under the knife. Many critics and Hollywood stars claimed that Eminem now looks changed to them.

Eminem plastic surgery picture

Many news channels showed Eminem coming out of surgeon’s clinic, hiding his face but the real story is still untold to us. In an interview Eminem was asked about the spreading rumors but he dint cared to answer anything about that.

When our team of surgeons compared Eminem’s before and after pictures, we were able to get answers of some of the mysteries.From his previous picture, Eminem has a more slender nose now, which directs us towards a nose job. Eminem has a very ugly bumpy nose but now we can see it has been replaced by a slender and sharper nose. His bumpy nose made me look like a nerd but with the new nose it looks like Eminem has been able to drop a few numbers from her current age. The best thing about good looks is that it boosts a person’s confidence and inner strength.

Eminem plastic surgery before and after pictures


Even in her 40’s Eminem looks as if he is in his 30’s, his skin shows no signs of ageing. There are no wrinkles or spots on his face, which partly directs towards good makeup and partly towards Botox injections but the reality is still hidden by our Rap God. Apart from his nose and skin, Eminem’s jaw line as well has forehead looks a little altered. His jaw lines looks a lot sharp, which clearly indicate us towards face-lift. Eminem’s cheeks look a lot fuller than before but it is hard to say whether it is a work of his makeup artist or plastic surgeon.

Eminem plastic surgery nose job


The God Of Rap Did went under the knife; whole story REVEALED !!



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