Erica Durance Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Jan 4, 2015
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Erica Durance is quite a well-known TV celebrity and if you have read about her or are just curious about gossip related to celebrity plastic surgeries then I am sure you might have come across speculation and reports related to Erica Durance having gone under the knife to get her looks.


In case you haven’t heard of Erica Durance but are interested in knowing more about her note that she was born on 21st June 1978 and came into the spotlight after she played the role of Lois Lane in the hit TV show Smallville. Apart from this she has also acted in other TV shows such as House of the DeadChris Isaak Show and Andromeda.

Lately she was also casted in the newer version of Charlie’s Angels and if you have seen her you will know that she is quite good looking but some people have suggested that all of her good looks are not natural and that she has undergone plastic surgery procedures.

So the question is whether Erica Durance has actually undergone any kind of plastic surgery procedure so far or is the rumour about it just false.

Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Procedures


Many of her fans and other people who are interested in celebrity plastic surgeries have gone on to suggest that like many of the other ageing celebrities even Erica Durance has gone under the knife in order to maintain her looks so that she is able to compete with other younger actresses. They compare older photos of her to newer ones to make their point.

Many of these people after comparing photos have suggested that Erica Durance has definitely had breast implants. Apart from breast implants they have also suggested that she might have undergone a rhinoplasty.


In case you haven’t heard about this procedure before note that a rhinoplasty is done in order to make the nose appear better and is more commonly known as the nose job. As far as her rhinoplasty is concerned most people think and it is quite a poor one.

Other procedures like a liposuction have also been suggested. Most people also think that she has had enhancements made to her eyes, jaws and even lips.

Now one thing you need to remember while you read all the reports and speculation about Erica Durance’s plastic surgery is that so far no one has come forward and spoken about it and thus all the rumours can be false so it is better not to believe them completely.


Erica Durance has herself refused going under the knife. In fact according to her she does not like the whole idea of plastic surgeries and other procedures related to it. There is a good chance that her breasts look bigger because of exercises like weightlifting.

Apart from that she also does various other healthy things like kayaking, jogging, kick-boxing, snowboarding, and surfing and also maintains a good healthy diet due to which she might have lost weight.

So whether Erica has actually undergone plastic surgery or the changes to her body natural is a question people will continue to ask.


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