Eva Mendes Diet Plan And Workout Routine

By | May 6, 2016
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eva mendes 5 factor diet:


Eva Mendes Diet Plan

“Don’t wish for it, work for it and feel the difference”. Eva de la Caridad Mendes is the full name of a well known actress, popularly known as Eva Mendez. She was born on 5th of March 1974 which makes her 42 year old. Miami, Florida, united states was the land which received her as a daughter to Cuban parents named Juan Carlos Mendez (father) and Eva Perez Suarez (mother). She was raised by her single mother after her divorce in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale. She was a roman catholic by religion and even considered becoming a catholic nun, if this would have happened the artist industry would have lost a great and passionate actress and maybe she would not have lived a popular life as she lives now.

Eva Mendes Workout Routine

She began her acting career in late 1990’s, started off with b grade movies. Did a series of roles in B grade movies and then finally she got a break in year 2000 and started of good movies with well known directors of all time, many of her movies are well know and great hits like ‘All about the Benjamin’s’ , ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ , ‘Ghost Rider’ and many more. She also starred in several music videos and tried singing with ‘Ceelo Green’. Nowadays she designs fashion collections for ‘New York and company’.

Eva Mendes Diet Plan And Workout Routine

“I love bread and pasta, but I can ignore them for my good”-  Eva Mendez . She is one of the most beautiful beauties Hollywood industry has ever seen, the most attractive at this time. With her nicely shaped and maintained body she is envied by millions of women worldwide. What matters is what goes inside comes outside so focus on what you eat? , how much water you drink? , quantity of proteins you intake? And all that what matters for a perfect diet. It has been long she gave up meat from her diet and replaced it with omega 3 rich fish and brown rice.


This is the balanced diet plan for her which keeps her fit and well in shape. She believes cutting meat out of her diet has proved very beneficial for her skin too ever since she had an opulent glow on her face with makes her look cheerful, lively, and active. Being cautious about your diet all the times helps a lot. Especially helps when you want to stay fit because staying fit not only helps you to fight and stay away from diseases but also makes you self confident and courageous enough to take up difficult task and complete it with immense perfection. She also opined that its not necessary for one to love his diet but should find out a way to make peace with it because of her love to stay healthy and fit.