Fergie Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Jun 10, 2015
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Stacy Ann Ferguson began her career as a child actress with the television program Kids Incorporated (1984), after a troubled childhood where she saw the divorce of her parents she tried to resume her career as a part of Wild Orchid. This again was a short lived success after which she went through a severe emotional crisis. She shot to fame once again in 2003 as the fourth member of the band The Black Eyed Peas especially with the song Hey Mama.


Since then she has worked both as an actress and a musician in numerous films and television series. She has written many famous songs including Someday (theme from Knight and Day), I Gotta Feeling (The Wedding Ringer), London Bridge (Neighbors), All of the Lights (The Bling Ring), etc.

Fergie has always had a very healthy lifestyle and takes great care of her diet and exercise. She proved this once again when it came to losing pregnancy weight. It was just two months after the birth of her child that she was back in shape.

As Fergie worked extremely hard to maintain a great body, she worked even harder to get the right looks to complement it. She had been blessed with features from her Scottish, English, Irish, German, Swedish and Luxembourgian ancestry.It seems like she wasn’t satisfied since she underwent a series of plastic interventions including a boob job, a nose job, lip fillers, cheek implants and Botox.

Fergie Before and After Plastic Surgery


Since 2004 many changes have been noted in Fergie’s face, most evident are the changes in her nose and lips. When she was young she had a thicker bridge with a round tip. Now her nose is quite different. It has a narrower bridge with a smaller tip and nostrils.

Her lips are also fuller and plumper as compared to her early pictures. So much that they have been compared to that of Angelina Jolie’s. There is no way she could get them without the help of lip fillers. It is rumored that Fergie also had cheek implants.


As a result not only is her cheeks round and full but even her jaw line appears different. It is now squarer and well defined with a wider jaw angle.The great bust that can be seen in all her recent pictures is a bit different from before. They are huge and perfectly round now. The fact that even pregnancy and breast feeding did not show any negative effect on her breasts clearly indicates the boob job she had.


For years now Fergie has continued to look more and more beautiful. Her smooth, wrinkle free skin has enhanced the work of all her cosmetic procedures. Not a single frown line, stress line or wrinkle can be spotted on her face. Her everlasting youthful look is definitely a result of Botox. Fergie did admit in an interview that she is open to Botox.


Fergie has always denied having any plastic interventions to enhance her looks. A possible reason for this claim might be the fact that everything has been done in the most perfect manner possible. None of her surgeries have ever made her appear unnatural.


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