Geena Davis Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Jan 28, 2015
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If you watch a lot of Hollywood movies I am sure you would have come across the name Geena Davis quite often. In case you did not know who she is but would like to know more about her note that Geena Davis one of the most successful Hollywood actresses.


She was born on 21st January in the year 1956. Geena Davis came into the spotlight after starring in various hit movies like The Fly, Beetlejuice, Thelma & Louise, A League of Their Own, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Stuart Little and The Accidental Tourist.

It was for her role in this movie that she was awarded the 1988 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. In the year 2005, she was also awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama for her role in Commander in Chief.


Even though Geena Davis is her late 50s she still looks quite young and many fans speculate that the reason behind her youthful looks are various plastic surgery procedures she may have undergone.

So the question is whether Geena Davis has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumours related to it just pure speculation.

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Procedures

If you ever come across older images of Geena Davis and compare them to the ones taken lately you will notice quite a lot of changes in her face and it is because of these changes that people seem to speculate that she may have undergone plastic surgery procedures.

The procedures that she seems to have undergone include a Face lift, Botox injections and also an eye lid surgery. An eye lid surgery is speculated because the shape of her eyes seems to be quite different to what it appeared few years ago. Apart from eyes her face appears to be quite vibrant for her age.


You would usually expect a woman of her age to have wrinkles but in case of Geena Davis her face hardly has any wrinkles and is not saggy from anyplace and that is why many people speculate that she may have gotten Botox injections and also a slight face lift.

A face lift helps you get rid of saggy skin and Botox injections help you remove wrinkles providing your face with a smooth look.

When it comes too Geena Davis’s plastic surgery procedures one thing is quite certain that the work done on her face is quite good and only makes her appear better and she by no means is an example of bad plastic surgery.


If you ask Geena Davis about these rumours she, like most celebrities, will refuse having gone under knife to make enhance her looks.

Since she is an ageing actress most of the changes may have also been natural. Other factors like make-up etc. may also her appear different thus attributing every change to plastic surgery would be wrong.

So until there is any kind of official confirmation whether Geena Davis has undergone any procedure or not is a question fans around the world will continue to ask.

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