Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Feb 16, 2016
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Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery

Goldie Jeanne Hawn, the seventy year old American actress still has the looks that are capable of turning heads. Yes, i said seventy! She sure don’t look her age. For someone her age, she has flawless smooth skin with no visible wrinkles at all. When you see someone like that in the showbiz, it automatically makes you wonder how many times they’ve gone under the knife. Hawn started as a dancer, performing in various stage shows. But she soon turned to acting. She made her acting debut in the late sixties, but it wasn’t until her appearance in the television series, “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh in”, that she caught the public’s eye. And from there, there was no turning back. She graduated from television to movies, starring in movies like The One And Only, Cactus Flower and many more. She made an impact on the audiences with her charming personality and her stunning looks. This bold beauty went ahead to pose for the Playboy’s January 1985 issue at the age of 39.

Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery pictures

Her beauty and chipper attitude made her fairly popular. But her beauty remained adamant and refused to wane with time. But as we know, nothing lasts forever. Her persistent beauty raised a few eyebrows. Even though she refuses to admit to most of what her fans suspect her of, she did agree to having a breast augmentation in her autobiography, A Lotus Grows in the Mud.

After two failed marriages, Hawn is now involved with actor Kurt Russell. This 70 year old mother of three grown(and popular) children, Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson and Wyatt Russell, has managed to maintain a petite figure. Some believe that that her slender body is the result of a liposuction. she looks so perfectly young that people have often compared her to her thirty seven year old daughter, Kate Hudson. People have often commented on how the two blond beauties look more like sisters rather than mother and daughter.

Goldie Hawn nose job

This lovely lady once co-starred with the iconic Meryl Streep in a movie called, “Death Becomes Her”, which is a comic drama about two actress’s unhealthy desire to never age and the lengths that they went to in order to preserve their youth. The movie portrays the downside of being immortal. It is a hilarious exaggeration of this industry’s reality.


Hawn’s youthful skin even in her seventies is believed to be a result of botox injections. Her wrinkle free face is attributed to face lifts. The perfection of her facial appearance is believed to be the gift of lips and cheek fillers. Despite all the speculation, Hawn maintains her stand and says that she’s au natural. She was also quoted in a 1992 edition of People magazine, “Why would somebody want to talk about plastic surgery? I don’t think it’s anybody’s business.”

Goldie Hawn boob job

Well, it may not be any of our business, but it sure is interesting to play the guessing game. I’m glad that she denies that she had any work done on herself. Because if she admitted to it, that would take most of the fun out of it. It’s much more intriguing to compare new and old pictures of such stars and try to spot the difference! Dont you think?

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