Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before And After

By | Mar 3, 2016
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Goo Hara Nose Job

Goo hara, born on Jan13 1991 ,is a versatile South Korean singer and an actress . She is an alumna of Sunshine women’s university Her early attempts to enter the showbiz failed consecutively but her faith and passion encouraged her to handle this dynamic industry and set her tender feet firmly.Early she was just an online model for a shopping mall , but soon after her images were being madly searched and she became a household name and came into much deserved limelight. For some detailed in formation you can go to wiki.

GOO hara before and after plastic surgery

Then ‘Kara’ came in her life , its a matter of pride for her to be a member of this Korean pop girl group .Hara joined the group along with kang giyoun, there alliance with the group broke the jinx that the group was facing and they made a comeback with’Rock u’.Kara’s album were topping the charts and the band as a whole was garnering a lot of attention.

There association resulted in a number of blockbusters that rode on high ratings.After a successful collaboration with kara , she had to abandon her contract. Post this much hyped termination , rumours of her being in a relationship with yong tun- hying surfaced.

Apart from her on & off contracts and relationships what else attracts people are her looks. Beside being talented , she is also a very good looking personality that never fails to attract but she modestly surrenders the credit to the expert korean surgeons and innocently accepts the fact that she succumbed to cosmetic help like double eye lid surgery, teeth surgery,nose and lip job.

goo hara before and after plastic surgery

Her confession clears one fact for sure that” Korea is a land of cosmetic surgeries ” it won’t be wrong if you count plastic surgery in the list of necessity as Koreans visit their plastic surgeons more often they visit a convenience store.Double eyelid is the most coveted surgery or its the most sought after because of the fact that all the Koreans possess dominating eyelids, to counter the natural look,all of them dwell on double eyelid surgery that helps them making their eyes wider & more beautiful , same goes for Hara as her eyes now look much broader and beautiful .

Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Pictures

She is said to be a strong soul because,the main indicator of her strength comes from the fact that she got a tooth surgery which is the most painful one.She agreed to double-lid surgery & tooth surgery but people speculate that she had more than it, including a nose job & lip augmentation as her nose looks significantly narrower & her lips extremely plump.

Koreans are breaking all the norms of hiding the details of cosmetic help, they openly deal with the fact , make others realize that it is important to stand by their own decisions.

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