Gwyneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Dec 27, 2014
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If you have seen the ironman movies then I am sure you would know who Gwyneth Paltrow is. She plays the role of Pepper Potts in the movie. In case you haven’t and do not know much about Gwyneth Paltrow then note that she a well-known Hollywood actress. She was born on 27th September 1972 and has also done acting in many hits over the years.


Another thing you should know about Gwyneth Paltrow is that she gone on record to say that she would never consider going under the knife in order to enhance her looks. When interviewed by the OK magazine Gwyneth Paltrow went to say that she does not only consider not getting a plastic surgery but would not want to get done any kind of other procedure related to it such as a Botox.

In 2011 in an interview to Extra TV she did seem to change her mind and did seem a little open minded about plastic surgery procedures and when to say that women should do what they feel is required.


A thing to note is that is this interview she did mention that there should be a limit and that people shouldn’t reach a point where they become unrecognisable. It is possible that this change in mind might have actually fuelled rumours of her actually having undergone cosmetic procedures and the question thousands of fans and other curious people are asking is whether Gwyneth Paltrow has actually gone under the knife even after openly refusing she would ever want to.

Gwyneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery Procedures


People around the have speculated that Gwyneth Paltrow has not undergone any one cosmetic procedure but actually quite a few of them. One procedure that has been speculated is a rhinoplasty, since the bridge of her nose looks thinner than it did earlier and the tip also seems to have reduced.

People also go on to speculate that she may have undergone various other procedures like a blepharosty, chin augmentation, chemical peel treatments; laser surgery; eye and brow lifts; mastopexy. Now there are no real proof of her having undergone these procedures so to completely believe them would not be right.

Mastopexy is one procedure that many people strongly doubt that she may have undergone because her breasts seem to be slightly less droopy than they were earlier.

Some people also believe that she has had some improvements made to the lower part of her face because according to them her jawline looks to be wider than it was earlier.


When you come across so many reports with such rumours it can be hard to ignore but it is very important that you keep in mind that believing images is not the right thing to do and since no one related to Gwyneth Paltrow or she herself has come forward and spoken about it there is no actual way to know the truth.


Though one thing is sure that Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the best looking actresses in Hollywood as of now and she knows how to maintain herself with help of various health improving exercises.


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