Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jun 27, 2016
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Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery- true or false?

Who is Ha Ji Won?      

Hae-rim Jeon known as Ha Ji-won as her stage name is a South-Korean actress born on the 28th June 1978 in Seoul, South Korea.She first attempted theater in 2000 and won an award for best actress. She got a good opportunity through Sex is Zero and True or Dare. She was also cast as Chae-oak in a famous Korean TV drama “Damo” and was stated as a promising actress.

Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

She starred in several movies and television series but is best known for her versatility in action, comedy, drama and sports and is also, internationally famous for romantic comedy Secret Garden, historical drama Empress Ki, etc.Being such a famous celebrity there is a good chance that she underwent plastic surgeries to look more radiant and gorgeous in the limelight. Also, with the growing fad of plastic surgeries amongst celebrities and with all the money she has, it’s natural that it’s no big deal for her.

Possible Surgeries


Eyelid surgery is probably the most common surgery among Asian actors as they tend to have smaller eyes. An eyelid surgery is always an option for Korean actors.In the case of Ha Ji, her eyelids weren’t so fuller and larger before. The eyelids now seem tweaked giving a richer and fuller look. This current look of her eyes is a possible double eyelid surgery as people claim she looks like an anime character sometimes with those wide eyes.


Ha-Ji-Won-Plastic-Surgery nose job

A possibility of nose job commonly called rhinoplasty may have been attempted by Ha Ji as now her nose looks more sculpted comparing to her earlier days. It looks smooth and sharp.

Earlier her nose bridge was less high and narrower but now it is higher making her nose slimmer. No matter how slim a person grows, her nose shape doesn’t change that drastically.


Her cheeks look chubbier and fuller compared to before. This puffiness and plasticity on cheeks is a possible result of facial fillers.


Looking at her pictures, her previous face was not this oval and currently, her jaw looks smaller giving her face a more oval shape. Also, her jawline seems better suiting her face frame now which couldn’t only be done through cosmetic tricks.



It was rumored that she got breast implants as when she was last seen, her breasts looked bigger and more enhanced. However, this maybe a makeup trick or a push-up trick with the gown.


ha ji won plastic surgery before and after

Ha Ji-won didn’t make any statements regarding her plastic surgeries nor did she agree to it. This may be the work of a very skilled plastic surgeon that made it look so natural that it’s hard to make out evident differences in many places. Also, she is so fit that there’s a rumor she might not be going to gym owing to her habit of jumping around in shoots.

However, it is not possible for a person to change the look of different facial parts just through slimming down and we leave the complete decision upon the audience now.