Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jul 2, 2016
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Halle Maria Berry was born on 14 August, 1966 is an actress, producer and a fashion model. At 5, berry changed her name to Halle Maria Berry. Born to Judith Ann (psychiatric nurse) and Jerome Jesse Berry ( attendant in psychiatric ward), later worked as a bus driver. Her parents later divorced, and both children were raised by their mother. She was a all rounder in her school taking various responsibilities like cheerleader, editor of newspaper( school), and prom queen.

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

She completed her college at Cuyahoga Community. Later she entered into various beauty contests, she won Miss Teen All American and Miss Ohio USA. In 1986, she was first runner up ofMiss USA. She stood 6th in the Miss World Pageant. She became highest paid actress in 2000s and has been in production in various films in which she acted. In 2002, she won a best actress award in Academy awards for her role in the romantic- drama Monster’s Ball. Following the Academy Award, she baged high profile roles in movies such Storm in the X-Men, thriller Swordfish, spy film Die Another Day.

Her personal life isn’t the good one as she first divorced from David Justice a baseball player and then from Eric Benét a singer. She has a daughter from Gabriel Aubry(model) and a son from Olivier Martinez(actor). She almost completed her fifty but her shape and figure still makes her look of a 30 year old.Halle Berry Plastic Surgery boob job

Plastic Surgeries

Halle berry plastic surgery is a big buzz as she looks so younger. Her plastic surgeries stories are quite uneasy as she always say ‘won’t say never to plastic surgeries’, but she declines all the cosmetic surgeries. Her looks are quite good, so cooking up the speculations on plastic surgeries.

Nose job

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery

In Hollywood, nose jobs are quite famous. Some speculations are on nose when comparing her before and after appearance. Now she has a small and cute nose that can be the surgeon’s work.

Breast Augmentation

Berry claims that she has a generous bust. With the rumours for nose job, comes speculations for the possible boob job. Berry always have been a kind of preacher for natural beauty and have been adherent in making the statement that her bust are purely natural.

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before And After


Halle is also inspected for botox injections, as her face is too young for her age. But again she refused that she went under the knife. Everyone believe that she had went for botox injections for perfect face in her fifties.Halle’s always has negative views about plastic surgeries as she ages. She doesn’t claim to have a plastic surgery as that will outrage the peer pressure. She might fear her image of actress and producer in Hollywood. Also she might fear of being categorized under ’plastic surgery celebrity’.


Her looks rely defy her age, it’s hard to believe that they all come naturally. No matter, she has always been successfully in ruling the heart and screen and have been on the top of many charts ranking divas.

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